6 Surprising Facts About Whiskey

By Rebecca Siggers


These are some facts that might not have rekindled your mind before related to this golden drink. Whiskey is a spirit made from fermented grains and milled barley, best known for its complexity of taste and aroma. With many distillations, whiskey has become a significant selling liquor in Ireland and the United States. The taste of whiskey ranges from mild to bitter and spicy. The whiskey with the best flavour has been distilled in a copper pot still, using raw ingredients derived from the mash. Read below the six surprising facts revolving around the golden alcoholic drink.

1.) What’s in the spelling?

Few whiskeys or bourbons carry a spelling either with an ‘E’ between the K and the Y. And the others do not carry an ‘E’ in their name! And it is worth pondering that both the spellings are right and adequate. This entire gamut might stand to confound, but all rely upon the topography of the bourbon’s birthplace or whiskey.

The American and Irish and bourbon carry a name with an ‘E.’ The Canadians and Scots spell their whiskey without the ‘E’ between the ‘K’ and the ‘Y.’ During the nineteenth century, the Irish manufactured their in-house alcoholic beverage – whiskey and sent them to America. But the Americans always had a desire to carry a unique name for themselves compared to the ‘low-quality’ whisky of the Scots!

Thus, incorporating the ‘E’ between the ‘K’ and the ‘Y’ came out with a pivotal differentiation concerning the high-quality and low-quality spirits. Even though in present-day times, scotch whiskey carries its identity and an aura amongst most whiskey-lovers, without having any alteration in their spellings, to date.

2.) Women enjoy whiskey more than men:

Facts About Whiskey
FACTS: Think whiskey is a man’s drink? That’s just old fashioned

For the past many decades, whiskey stands as one of the most-favoured drinks by women. Earlier, it was a common belief that whiskey is a ‘male’ drink! But now it is not so. Women play a crucial role in savouring the most popular whiskeys like Ron Swanson and Dalmore whiskey. As well as some important Irish Whiskeys brands. And the number is soaring high! Both men and women carry clear and unique predilections regarding the consumption of whiskey. And women probably are the better tasters of whiskey, as compared to men.

3.) Whiskey initiates as beer:

The make of bourbon or whiskey is quite similar to lager beer. But then, barring the same ingredients, nothing is common amongst these two. The entire manufacturing process differs due to the meticulous steps involved while making whiskey. Though, both whiskey and beer require pounding of grains, along with several stages of fermentation to come to the end
product. But, in reality, whiskey starts like beer! And this stands as the main reason why the pairing of whiskey and beer seems picture-perfect.

4.) The eternal color of whiskey:

Whiskey inherits its dark hue from the wooden casks used for its ageing. The constant expansion and contraction of these barrels, owing to the temperature variations, the wooden compounds from the barrels caters to the eternal dark tint of this entire alcoholic drink.  Different oak types cater to the eternal colour of the whiskey. Some of them vary from reddish
shade to a strong golden yellow colour. And the entire process depends upon the level of charring of the alcoholic drink!

5.) Enjoy your whiskey without any ice:

Facts About Whiskey
“I drink my whiskey neat and live my life messy” Matt Baker

You should taste the full kind of bourbon, without adding any ice. And it is always recommended not to put a single cube of ice. But you should never drink down the same neat, as well! An ‘on the rocks’ whiskey reduces the liquid’s temperature entirely while lessening its taste, along with its aroma. And, your whiskey starts tasting bland.   The most excellent way of enjoying your whiskey is by adding some water, preventing your drink’s alcohol content from disorienting your taste buds.

6.) There are likewise bourbon ‘mixes’

Numerous whiskey manufacturers blend their end product by taking bits from other whiskeys and blending the same smoothly. For instance, around sixty percent stands as the ordinary proportion of malt to grain bourbon, while forty percent of malt whiskey completes the making of the blended whiskey. And for the excellent taste and smoked flavour of whiskey, the entire blend undergoes a superior-quality blending procedure for around five to six years. Instead, the more, the better flavour!

Facts About Whiskey
Storing whiskey in wooden barrels can enhance its flavor

Whiskey has its history, which is none other than unique ones. The details about the making of most whiskeys have undergone a dramatic transformation over the past century. And, people have been drinking this alcoholic drink for more than a century. Discover the same by reading the six surprising and interesting facts about whiskey that you never knew. It will enable you to get the know-how on the same while enjoying your golden drink!

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Facts About Whiskey