5 Reasons You Should Eat Out Tonight


Don’t slave over a hot stove tonight, let us persuade you to come in and choose from our delicious menu

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Skip On The Clean Up – You do enough work around the house, and you’ve had a long day! Let someone else clean up for once.

Try Something New – Maybe you make the same things all the time because it’s easy, or you have everything you need to hand… But it’s not very exciting! Eating out gives you the opportunity to try something you’ve always wanted to.

Choose Whatever You Want – Cooking for your family can mean catering to different tastes, and almost inevitably leads to complaints! When everyone can choose off the menu, everyone’s happy!

Spend Quality Time with Family and Friends – Everyday life can get in the way when you’re eating at home… People coming and going, rushing here and there – eating our gives you a chance to really spend quality time in each others’ company.

As The Saying Goes… Treat yo’self! – Because after all, if you won’t… Who will? You deserve it!


At Trinity Bar Venue, our dedicated bar staff have done all the work to bring you a wide selection of the finest whiskeys from Ireland and around the world, so all you need to do is make your choice, sit back, and enjoy!

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