Reasons why Watching Games at Sports Bars is better than Going to the Stadium!

Biggest Screen in Dublin sports bars

Football is like a religion in Ireland, and watching football games at sports bars or pubs in Dublin has become a culture. Many people prefer to watch the game LIVE in the stadium, but there are lots of people who prefer to watch the action while sipping on a large beer, with their friends in the bar. The weekend is just around the corner and if you’re ready to catch your favorite team in action, here are some reasons why watching games at sports bars is better than going to the stadium.

Great views

While nothing can really match up to the visuals, the sound, and the atmosphere of the stadium, watching a football game in a sports bar is an entirely different experience. It is recommended that if you have tickets, you should definitely try to watch the game in the stadium, unfortunately with the high price of tickets it isn’t possible for everyone to get to the stadium. However, you don’t need to be disheartened because you can catch all the action on a 150 inch HD screen TV, with replays of all the flash points and goals.


While the stadium does provide you with drinks, but they charge way above the normal rates, and if like to drink while watching the game, then a sports bar is the perfect place for you. Get ice cold drinks served to you at a moment’s notice, while you watch the game with your friends, and get as drunk as you can.

Delicious food

Another reason why watching games at sports bar is better than going to the stadium is that you can eat delicious food in a reasonable budget at the bar. Furthermore, you don’t have to get out of your seat, and you can enjoy your meal while relaxing with a group of friends in front of an HD screen, with ice cold beers, nachos, burgers and chicken wings!

Socializing with fans

While most people who can’t afford to go to the stadium prefer watch the game from their home, they are never really able to live the moment with other fans. This is where watching the game at sports bars will definitely beat sitting alone at home, since you can socialize with other fans as well. Furthermore, you may even make some new friends, and might even get lucky with a girl fan.

Great banter and heckling

Part of the fun of watching the game at a sports bar is that you get to enjoy and take part in the friendly banter and heckling that goes on during the game. It allows you to have some light-hearted fun with your friends and to have a grand old time heckling the other team, when your team scores. However, make sure that you can take as much as you’re giving, since no one likes a sore loser.

There you have it, some of the best reasons why watching games at sports bars is better than going to the stadium.


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