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What Not to Wear for Office Christmas?

The million dollar question

office christmas

Dress up games as young girls have proven to provide us with numerous ideas on trending fashion and style sense with a unique blend of personality to it. What no one typically teaches (except mommy) is what to avoid wearing at different occasions; life teaches some the hard way while others are simply better observers. And now that you’re a grown up, if the next moment from ‘lavenders blue’ is right in your closet mirror chanting ‘dress me up’ you need to take back a moment and reflect. Ponder on what you’re not supposed to wear at the much-awaited office Christmas party.

Christmas Sweaters

Yes it was made/gifted with tons of affection and many sentiments are weaved in it; nevertheless, it shall be kept aside for the informal ugly Christmas sweater parties with your bosom friends, only. Your office party, even if not very formal, is definitely not an event to show up with this kind of attire. Only if one wants to be a laughing stock should they dare to do so.

Shimmery Tree

Yes, it is holiday season; but aren’t the Christmas trees enough to be dressed the way they should? It doesn’t have to be you too. Bright colors are in fashion in the season but make sure you don’t become a walking talking Christmas ball or wreath yourself. Not at your office Christmas party at the least. After all, you wouldn’t fancy buntings and lights wrapped around you being stagnant in the lounge.

Sky isn’t the limit, so limit your heels

You aren’t aiming to the tallest person in fancy dress show; it’s your corporate Christmas party, and committing such a faux pas here doesn’t make you look good at all. You wouldn’t want to be made fun of after you return to the desk post-holidays..

Too Casual

Sweatshirt and shorts? Next, you all must be planning to go out for a picnic. Overly casual is clear no-no for an office Christmas part. Such attire gives off the message that you didn’t make an effort to dress up accordingly, and you wouldn’t want to give that impression to your bosses. The party isn’t the workplace, but it is still an office party.

Too Tight, Too Obnoxious

Wearing your dress too tight or showing off too much would only result in the impression you don’t want to give to any of your colleagues. There isn’t a strict dress code for corporate Christmas parties, but that doesn’t mean one can chuck all attire rules into the bin. A nice moderate hemline works well when it comes to your corporate parties. Get ready to flaunt your sophistication in style.

Jingly Bless, on You

You don’t want to be labeled the Santa or reindeer of the party; it’s not a costume party you’re going to (unless it is!). Bright Christmas socks, headbands and other accessories all come in the same category where you put up all the Christmas stuff and props in closet saved for a whole year.

Christmas parties are a great opportunity to interact with your colleagues outside the workplace, make the most of it with live entertainment and wonderful collection of drinks and food at Trinity Bar, Dublin. Memories and snaps of moments you will cherish for times to come await you.

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5 Things You Should Look for in a Sports Bar

What are the elements that make up an awesome sports bar? Is it the people? The rowdy and exciting
atmosphere? The service? The mouth watering food? Whatever, floats your boat, there are some things
that an RWC fan will look for when searching for a sports bar in Dublin. Here are just a few of their

 High(est) Def Flat Screen TVs

Nothing is more frustrating to sports fans than a low definition television that ruins the game they were
looking forward to for years! Since the Rugby World Cup occurs once every 4 years, that disappointment
is almost palpable in sports bars that do not have the media to do it justice.
 Sports Bar Big Screen
If you knew how much a good sports bar puts in making sure its patrons have the best viewing
experience, you would be shocked. Most have multiple screens, such as the Trinity Bar Venue, so that
each visitor has something to watch while guzzling down draft beer or munching on some of the best
burgers in town.

Unobstructed Views of the On-Screen Action

Of course, all of the sets should be HD and should not have a row of tap bars obstructing the view. Plus,
even if a bar has 15 HD video displays, they won’t do much good if they cannot be seen from every part
of the room they are in. That will just defeat the purpose, especially if you come late to a crowded pub
come game night.

Comfy Seats

Avid sports fans can watch their favourite teams on-screen sitting on a cold, hard floor and not even
flinch. However, when you are paying to watch a game at a pub, then you will expect comfy seats for
your rear right? Unless it’s freezing out, you won’t need heated seats, but if you are going to plunk
yourself down for 7 to 8 hours straight, then the seat better come with a cushion or at least, be
comfortable to sit on. This includes bar stools.

Surround Sound and NO Music

 rugby watch sports bar
Even if a sports bar is known for its great music, it will lose patrons quickly if it decides to play the tunes
during a game. No one wants to hear a live band or ear-blasting music when they are straining to hear
the announcers on-screen. No one will be dancing either so head to a sports bar that upholds its values
and turns off all of that ‘white noise’.

Never Ending Booze and Service

Besides a range of beers, a decent sports bar also offers a variety of wines for its patrons. Plus, if you
prefer full bodied draft beer rather than its watered down commercial counterparts, then you better
choose a bar that offers a variety of them and without making you get up for them. Even if a sport bar
has the TVs and the sound quality to satisfy you, the enjoyment will be diluted if you have to get up each
time you need to order a pint. Plus, the game should be on before it actually starts! If you are a rugby
fan, you wouldn’t want to miss a single second would you?
Whether you are looking for a bar that offers great food, good service or HD televisions, Trinity Bar
Venue will not disappoint. We have over 20 HD screens and a bar that is stocked full of the best vintage
in town.
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A History of the Rugby World Cup

Did you know that the Rugby World Cup is going to be in next year’s Olympics? The game has come a
long way from its humble beginnings and the recent news has only increased its popularity. Rugby
typically comprises of 2 forms, one comprises of 15 team members and is the preferred version while
the abridged version is 7 man strong. However, the abbreviated version will be featured in the Olympics
since a winner can be determined in 3 days.
However, even if you consider yourself a diehard fan, there are some fascinating historical facts of the
game you may not know. Let’s discuss the orthodox, 15 man game which started it all. Technically, a
single team comprises of 23 players and 15 are selected at a time to be on the field while 7 players sit on
the sidelines as reserves. The concept of the game came into being in 1823 when a football player,
William Webb Ellis, grabbed the ball and ran with it to score. Debates abound as to who was actually
responsible for creating the game, but his name has still gone down in the annals of sports history for
this quintessential contribution.
Since the sport was originally played in the Rugby School that is based in England, the game came to be
known as rugby. Since it came into being, the sport has undergone several changes in regulations and a
number rules have been abolished to create the game as it is today. If you are interested, you can find
the official rulebook on the World Rugby website.
As the game continued to spread and grow after its origin, it quickly went international when teams
from England and Scotland faced off in the field in 1871. Later, Ireland and Wales played against each
other and in 1883, the Six nations competition came into being. Since the game emerged during the rule
of the British Empire, several nobles and members of the gentry would take up the sport. Several old
families in England can testify that they had famous rugby players as ancestors; in fact, several
descendants tend to take it up as well to uphold tradition.
 The 15 man game is held as a World Cup, i.e. after every 4 years and in 2015, we are going to witness
the 8th edition with England as hosts. Each game seems better than the last and the opening match this
year will be played between Fiji and England. The winner will be awarded with a gold cup that is over a
foot in height and the winners will also drink from it. This is an age old tradition that has been passed
down since the game originated.
If you want to know more about the glorious history of this glorious game, then sports bars such as
Trinity Bar Venue should be your new hangout. Besides watching the big game in HD and surround
sound, you will be able to rub elbows with people who live and breathe this game.
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How You can Revel in Dublin’s Rich Heritage and Culture as a Tourist

Dublin is a location in Ireland that is steeped in culture and boasts a rich heritage that has attracted
tourist in droves. If you happen to land in the city to attend the Rugby World Cup, then your trip will not
be complete until you visit some of the spectacular sites it has to offer:

Go back in Time

As the capital of Ireland, Dublin is perhaps the best city to discover the country’s amazing historical past.
If you want to know more about the Vikings and what the city was like during medieval times, Dublinia
Museum should be your first port of call. The life size displays will bring that time to life and is a great
way to learn how Ireland changed through the ages.

You can even visit ye old Kilmainham Gaol and see what one of the country’s most notorious prisons
was like. On the other hand, if you are interested in ancient architecture, St Patrick’s Cathedral will serve
as a fitting feast for the eyes. If you get the time, take a trek through Malahide Castle for a real time
view of the 12th century. That’s how well persevered it is!

Chug! Chug! Chug!

If you are a connoisseur of fine malts and beers, then your trip to the fun capital will be incomplete
without a visit to the Guinness Storehouse. Learn more about your favourite drink, its rich history and its
inventor, Arthur Guinness himself. You will also have the chance to snag a free drink at the end of the
tour at the Gravity Bar for a fitting end to this swoon worthy experience. Or, head on to the Old James
Distillery to learn about a number of famous Irish whiskies through an interactive tour complete with a
tasting session.


Have fun with the Family!

The Dublin Zoo is a great venue if you want to entertain the family. Complete with daily tours, a family
farm,  Gorilla rainforest and even a replica of the African Savannah complete with indigenous wildlife,
this spot is a must see. If you are still hankering for some history, then the National Wax Museum is
another great spot to teach the kids about Ireland’s colourful and majestic history.

Sporting Fun

If you are a sports fan, then the Croke Park Stadium as well as the GAA Stadium is a must visit. These are
almost a 100 years old and have hosted a number of iconic matches from football to hurling. You can
even get access to the changing rooms if you have the connections!

and join numerous rugby fans who just want to have a great time while rooting for their teams. We have over 20 HD screens so you won’t miss a single moment! Gorge yourself on some of the best burgers and beers in town while you are at it.

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Gastropub – Why Craft Beer should be your Beverage of Choice During the RWC 2015

If you haven’t tried Craft beer, then you haven’t lived. You can make your RWC experience in Dublin
much sweeter if you chug this beverage of champions with your mates down at the pub. But first, a little
bit about this beer.
drink craft beer

What is Craft Beer and Why You should try it?

As the name implies, this type of beer is made by a Craft brewery which is a small, traditional and
independent facility. The beer is made following traditional methods rather than through huge
corporations that typically produce watery beer that fails to give that much needed buzz you need
during a match. Here are some other reasons why you should try it during the RWC 2015:

Less than 2 million barrels are produced each year and the flavour is unique compared to other beers in
the market. As mentioned before, beer that is mass produced by large companies cannot compare in
taste to alcohol that has been brewed with loving care. Craft brewers take time choosing and adding
specific ingredients in each masterpiece to ensure the quality of their beer speaks for itself. They don’t
cut any corners and ensure that their beers have more substance, taste and aroma.
craft beer in gastropub

Lots and Lots of Alcohol!

Yes, it’s true! You can get totally buzzed with Craft beer since each packs a wallop at each gulp. Most
comprise of 5-10% abv (alcohol by volume) but some can go as high as 40%. Now, if you compare it with
other beers in the market which have less than 2.5% abv, then you can see why sports fans instantly fall
in love with its custom counterpart. There is simply no comparison if you are looking for a beverage that
can get you high enough to make the big game way more exciting.


Less Tinkling, More Mingling

Delay nature’s call by guzzling Craft beer during the big game. You won’t ever miss a crucial touchdown
or an inside joke ever again. It’s a fact, if you drink this beverage, you won’t have to rush to the
bathroom every 10 minutes to relieve yourself. That’s because you won’t be drinking too many beers.

Here’s what happens. When you drink a local beer such as say, Budweiser, you are actually drinking
more water and less alcohol. So, you will have to down a couple more just to get the buzz you are
looking for. The result? A full bladder ten minutes into the game and long lines to the bathroom to boot.
With an alcohol rich beer such as craft beer, you will get buzzed with two or three at most and your
bladder will thank you for it.
serving craft beer

If you are looking for a gastropub  in Dublin that offers great live music, mouth watering food and the best Craft
beer you can drink, then we have the selections to satisfy you. Much on the best burgers in Ireland and in our underground sports bar watch the big game in HD on our high definition screens.