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Traditional Irish Food

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History of Traditional Irish Food


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When it comes to hearty and filing food, Ireland has a rich history. A major part of the land has been dedicated for raising cows, sheep, and crops. The coastline of Ireland is sufficient for addressing the seafood requirements of the country. The abundance of a diverse range of ingredients make for a number of colourful local recipes. For the Irish, it is an honour to serve a meal prepared solely from the ingredients grown locally, which is the reason that they prepare their traditional staples over and over again on festivals and other important occasions. This still continues to be a popular trend in the Éire.

The Famine

The history of traditional Irish food cannot be discussed without mentioning the famine. The major staples before potatoes were introduced in Ireland were peas, beans, and wheat. The potatoes came along in the 16th century and altered the entire structure of the Irish cuisine, dominating some of the major delicacies of the country. It was somewhere in the 18th century that the production of potatoes was affected by a disease and Ireland fell into a serious famine.

The Food

Freshness and quality of ingredients is an aspect of the Irish cuisine that cannot be neglected at any cost. These basic ingredients of any dish are sautéed with herbs and spices. The uniqueness of Irish cuisines is that it lacks sauce and gravy and the basic taste of salt and pepper.

Soups also form a crucial part of the traditional Irish food. They are thick, healthy, and enriched with nutrients. They are usually served on the side of potatoes or seafood. A wide variety of seafood is found in the Irish cuisine, as this piece of land is surrounded by salt water. The popular seafood consumed by the Irish includes lobsters, scallops, salmon, mussels and oysters.

For two centuries now, Irish stew is considered to be the national delicacy of the country. The homemade cheese of Ireland is famous in the whole wide world. Ireland, for almost a century now, has retained the title of an accomplished cheese-maker and is widely known for serving 50 different types of chesses.

The traditional Irish diet is based on the staples like grains (like oats), potatoes and dairy products. On every Irish table, potatoes are served at least once in a day, maybe in the form of scones. Scones are considered to be the specialty of the north and look similar to biscuits and muffins.

The Festivals

The Irish are strong believers of the catholic faith, so they choose not to eat certain foods during the time of Lent. All products coming from animals such as dairies and meat are avoided. On Good Friday, hot cross buns are served with different delicious toppings, which hold spiritual significance. Trinity Bar Venue, for years now has maintained the authentic of the traditional Irish food. If you want to experience Irish history through the medium of food, then Turkish bar venue is your place. Hop on, for

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