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Catch the Action of the Six Nations Championships in Dublin This Year



Yet another year begins, and for us, that means only one thing – time for one of the most awaited football championships!

The six nations of England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales are once again all set to go face to face in the exciting rugby games. The people of Ireland don’t want anything more than their country to win again. And is there a better place to watch your own players take over the field than in a sport pub surrounded by your fellow Irish countrymen?

A little suggestion for the tourists; if they want to see the real Irish spirit all in one place, then head over to a sports bar during a Six Nations game and you will the firsthand experience of Irish sports fanatics at their best. Get the raw experience of excitement fueled by incomparable beer and mouthwatering traditional Irish cuisines in no place other than the best Sports bar in Dublin, Ireland. Watch the thrilling game without all those annoying intrusions from monotonous ads or mind numbingly long half- times. It will just be you and your 30 muscular un-armored Europeans ramming heads every weekend till the end of the championship.

The only place to watch the six nations champion ship game is a pub, but let’s save you the trouble of facing the excruciating task of finding yourself a bar well suited to your liking. Just get in your car and head over to the Temple Bar and in its heart you will find Trinity Bar Venue, one of the best and finest bar in Dublin, Ireland.

The old sports fans need no explanation of how a rugby game goes, or more specifically, how a nail-biting rugby game goes. Even the new sports devotees will find themselves at the edge of their seats, and the excitement will get ten folds more when you have right in front of your eyes a big plasma HD ultra screen, the biggest one in all of Dublin. With people shouting and yelling their commands so loudly that it’s actually hard to believe that the players on the screen cannot hear them. The suspense might just be too much. The winner that walked away with Six Nations Championships 2015 was Ireland and the people of Ireland needs nothing much than to get the championship in their country again. Free up your schedule now for the days are numbered and before you know it you’ll have the six nation’s game right down the alley.

So if you are looking for a sports bar to watch all the games in their entirely at one comfortable place, then look no further. Step into Trinity Bar Venue, Dublin premier’s gastro sports bar and discover whether Ireland will be able to snag the trophy again and make it three times in a row?

Look up the schedule for the Six Nations Championship and plan your work ahead because this excitement is worth living. Your bar for the championships has been decided just make sure that you get there, for you don’t want to miss the electrifying games of Six Nations championship 2016.

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Get Your Game Face On!


Sports fans might only find their common ground at a sports bar, or more specifically, in the Trinity Bar Venue. The round of craft beers will be at your beck and call, and with extraordinary lightening playing in the bar while your favorite athletes play on the ultra HD screen, you’ll find your game spirit going several notches up. In fact, people who are not even sports fans will find themselves caught up in the game due to the enthusiastic environment created by the sport lovers.

The wait for the game to start will not be boring as it is known to be when we are sitting at our couch back home and waiting for the game to finally start. The chances of getting bored at this bar are zero. With everyone just as enthusiastic as the next person, it won’t be too late before you find someone exactly like you, or maybe someone who is rooting for the opposite team. New people to talk, and live music being played,– before you know it, the game will have already begun.

Enjoy the duration of the game with drinks in hand, or if it’s too early for the beer, then order your favorite Irish pub food, fish and chips or delectable burgers. You could always have the special steak on stone by the Trinity Bar Venue too and have your fill before getting your hand on the beer.

What makes watching the game here even more interesting is that there’s not one but several screens located all around the bar, so if you want to have a change of company or want to get up to order food, don’t worry; you won’t miss a single shot or any move made by the players. The banter and friendly wagers among the fellow sports devotees adds even more buzz to the already excited pub full of sports junkies.

Catch the action and watch the game play by play on the 150 inch large creen that will make you feel like a spectator sitting at the front row of the live game. This sports bar in Ireland sure knows its way around the traditional Irish drink “The Guinness”. A whisk of the drink will take anyone straight to the heavenly feeling with the cold and strong flavor of blackcurrant. If anyone knows all about their drinks, it is the Irish.

So who needs any more reason to visit this pub for their next game night? Known for its pub crawl,Ireland has lots of options to choose from but this one situated in the heart of Temple Bar will give you the best game experience known to mankind. With its friendly staff and quick service, this bar becomes a favorite and regular hangout of people on their first visit. Frequented by mature adult businessmen and the college crowd alike, this pub is filled with energy and allows everyone to get comfortable at once. Check out the next game and get your game face on! Your game shirt on! And get ready for an unforgettable night.

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Upcoming Live Fixtures At Trinity Bar Venue

Trinity Bar Venue, Dublin’s top Sports Bar, shows all of the best upcoming live fixtures, every week. Coming with a crowd for a big match? Click here to let us know and book a spot with a great view!

Upcoming Live Fixtures

Monday, October 5th

We’re showing International T20 Cricket from 2.30pm this afternoon: India V South Africa.

upcoming live fixtures

Tuesday, October 6th

We’ve got live coverage of today’s Rugby World Cup games: Canada V Romania at 4.45pm, and Fiji V Uruguay at 8pm.


Wednesday, October 7th

There’s more Rugby World Cup action this afternoon as South Africa goes up against the USA at 4.45pm, and Namibia takes on Georgia at 8pm.

south africa

Thursday, October 8th

We’ve got more International T20 Cricket from 2.30pm this afternoon: India V South Africa.

India SA

Friday, October 9th

New Zealand’s All Blacks face off against Tonga tonight at 8pm!

NZ Rugby

Saturday, October 10th

There’s a full Rugby World Cup schedule this afternoon, kicking off with Samoa V Scotland at 2.30pm.

Scotland Rugby

Sunday, October 11th

Our Boys in Green take on France this afternoon at 4.45pm!


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This Week’s Live Sports Fixtures

Trinity Bar Venue, Dublin’s top Sports Bar, shows all of the best live sports fixtures, every week. Coming with a crowd for a big match? Click here to let us know and book a spot with a great view!

Check out our Live Sports Fixtures:

Monday, September 28th

West Bromwich Albion v Everton kicks off at 8.00pm. Coverage of the Premier League match from The Hawthorns, as the Baggies entertain the Toffees.

sports fixtures.

Tuesday, September 29th

The Rugby World Cup continues this week as Tonga takes on Namibia this afternoon at 4.45pm.


Wednesday, September 30th

Manchester United takes on Wolfsburg tonight in the UEFA Champions League Group Stages at 7.45pm.


Thursday, October 1st

More #RWC2015 today with Wales V Fiji at 4.45pm, followed by France V Canada at 8pm.

rugby france

Friday, October 2nd

The Rugby World Cup continues this Friday with New Zealand up against Georgia at 8pm.

NZ Rugby

Saturday, October 3rd

We’ll be showing all three #RWC2015 matches this afternoon!


Sunday, October 4th

Ireland’s next Rugby World Cup match takes place this afternoon as our home team goes up against Italy at 4.45pm!


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Live Sports Fixtures This Week

Trinity Bar Venue, Dublin’s best Sports Bar, shows all of the top Live sports fixtures, every week. Here’s a selection of what’s showing this week! Coming with a crowd for a big match? Click here to let us know and book a spot with a great view!

Monday, September 21st

Derby County v Burnley (Kick-off 7.45pm). Coverage of the Championship encounter from iPro Stadium, featuring two teams expected to challenge for promotion to the Premier League.


Tuesday, September 22nd

Aston Villa v Birmingham City (Kick-off 7.45pm). Coverage of the third-round match from Villa Park, where the rivals face each other for the first time since the 2010/11 season.


Wednesday, September 23rd

We’ve got full coverage of all the Rugby World Cup matches this afternoon, starting with Scotland V Japan at 2.30pm.

Japan Rugby

Thursday, September 24th

Today’s Rugby World Cup match features New Zealand v Namibia, kick-off at 8pm.

NZ Rugby

Friday, September 25th

This afternoon’s Rugby World Cup Pool C match featuring Argentina versus Georgia kicks off at 4.45pm.

argentina 1

Saturday, September 26th

There’s another packed Rugby World Cup schedule this afternoon, kicking off with Italy v Canada at 2.30pm.


Sunday, September 27th

Ireland’s second game of the Rugby World Cup kicks off this afternoon at 4.45pm when the team goes up against Romania!


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This Week’s Top Fixtures

Trinity Bar Venue, Dublin’s best Sports Bar, shows all of the top Live sport top fixtures, every week. Here’s a selection of what’s showing this week! Coming with a crowd for a big match? Click here to let us know and book a spot with a great view!

Monday, September 14th

We’ll be showing Premier League action again this evening, as West Ham go up against Newcastle United at 8pm!

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 13.51.40

Tuesday, September 15th

Man City are up against Juventus tonight at 7.45pm in the UEFA Champions League Group Stage match!

top fixtures

Wednesday, September 16th

Roma takes on Barcelona at 7.45pm in this evenings UEFA Champions League Group Stage match!

romma barca

Thursday, September 17th

Tonight’s UEFA Champions League Group Stage match features Liverpool against Bordeaux, from 6pm!


Friday, September 18th

The atmosphere will be buzzing as we show every Rugby World Cup 2015 game live on our big screens! The opening game, England v Fiji, kicks off tonight at 8pm.


Saturday, September 19th

We’ve got a full Rugby World Cup schedule this afternoon from 12pm, including Ireland’s first game of the Cup against Canada at 2.30pm!

Team Canada wing James Pritchard, left, breaks a tackle against Team Ireland wing Fergus McFadden, right, during first half of an international friendly rugby match in Toronto on Saturday, June 15, 2013. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Nathan Denette

Sunday, September 20th

There’s plenty of Premier League action today, including Manchester United v Southhampton at 4pm.


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Live Sport Showing This Week

Trinity Bar Venue, Dublin’s best sports bar, shows all of the top Live sport fixtures, every week. Here’s a selection of what’s showing this week! Coming with a crowd for a big match? Click here to let us know and book a spot with a great view!

Monday, September 7th

Watch Ireland’s UEFA 2016 Qualifier against Georgia here today at 7.45pm!

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 09.05.56

Tuesday, September 8th

Live US Open Tennis: Coverage of the ninth day of the final Grand Slam event of the season, featuring the opening men’s and women’s quarter-finals, from 4pm.

live sport

Wednesday, September 9th

More live US Open Tennis: Coverage of the tenth day of the final Grand Slam event of the season, from 4pm.

us open

Thursday, September 10th

Live at 7.30pm, we’ve got Super League Rugby showing: Leeds Rhinos v Castleford Tigers!


Friday, September 11th

Levante v Sevilla kicks-off 7.30pm. Coverage of the match in the Spanish top flight, which takes place at the Estadi Ciutat de Valencia.


Saturday, September 12th

We’ve got a packed Premier League schedule this afternoon, including Man United v Liverpool at 5.30pm!

man liv

Sunday, September 13th

We’ve got coverage of every live premier league game right here! Starting with Sunderland v Tottenham at 1.30pm.


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Why ‘Ireland’s Call’ is the Unofficial Anthem for Irish Rugby

The popular song ‘Ireland’s Call’ went down in the annals of history when the Irish Rugby Football Union officially declared it as the official rugby anthem for Ireland. Since then, the song has been adopted by Ireland’s Korfball team, hockey team, cricket and the A1GP teams.

Political Significance

For those who are unaware, the team for the Irish is made up of players from both the north and the sort, but the team represents the island on an international level. This is quite different from soccer, which comprises of two separate teams which represent Northern and the Republic of Ireland. For other sports, teams may comprise of members from almost any part of the island.


These facts are significant for the song itself. Even though Ireland’s official anthem is ‘The Soldier’s Song’, it is sensitive for those who have Unionist sympathies in Northern Ireland. This is similar to Northern Ireland’s national anthem which is ‘God Save the Queen’ and which is favoured by those who have nationalist sympathies. All rugby matches are played in the Republic of Ireland and both ‘Ireland’s Call’ and ‘The Soldier’s Song’ are sung. After the first verse is sung, it is followed by a chorus which is also sung in the same key and then repeated in a higher note at the end.

The song came into being in 1995 and was created by Phil Coulter in a bid to merge different Irish accents. The song was first broadcast in the Kelly Show in Northern Ireland and in the Late Late Show in the Republic of Ireland by Andrew Strong. Coulter also re-wrote the lyrics for the Celtic Thunder tour and made it more martial with lines like ‘till our final requiem spoken’.


Since its origin, ‘Ireland’s Call’ has been the subject of heated debates, both in regards to its alleged political roots and the quality of its verses. This is quite apparent during the Rugby World Cup, the only time when team Ireland plays matches that take them away from home soil. During the 2007 match against England, even the commentators couldn’t help but talk about the song and its apparent influence on the on-field action. ‘Ireland’s Call’ was belted out with such hair-raising intensity that there wasn’t a dry eye left in the stadium at the end.

With RWC 2015 just around the corner, the song is bound to become a staple anthem during the matches. The game has played a major role in bringing people from every part of the island together even during times of political strife and upheavals. Songs like this one serve as the much needed glue that can overcomes boundaries and unify a nation like nothing else can.


Sing your heart out and cheer for your favourite teams down at Trinity Bar Venue. Besides live entertainment, we have an assortment of the best vintages Irish wineries have on offer along with mouth watering dishes that will not disappoint your pallet.

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‘Swing Low Sweet Chariot’ – Rousing Rugby Anthem or an Ode to Slavery?

If you are a rugby fan, then you must be pretty familiar with the unofficial anthem of the sport, Swing Low Sweet Chariot. It might get your blood pumping and make the game more exciting, but did you know that the song has roots in slavery? It was actually created by African slaves way back when slavery was accepted and was adopted by England’s supporters when it was sung at Twickenham in 1988 by a couple of schoolboys during the Five Nations Cup.



A few rugby club members claim that they were the ones who started the trend; apparently, one of them started singing the song during the same match which was picked up by the crowd. However, if the former version is true then this makes the situation quite controversial due to its link with slavery. Allegedly the schoolboys sung Swing Low to mock Chris Oti, an African American rugby player. Perhaps a look at the song’s history will shed more light on the controversy.

Origins of ‘Swing Low Sweet Chariot’

‘Swing Low Sweet Chariot’ is considered an iconic song and was placed in the National Archives of the Library of Congress due to its apparent historical value. Recognised as the ‘song of the century’ by recording industries when it was rendered in 1909 by the Fisk Jubilee Singers, it has been covered by almost every musician to date. The history is a bit cloudy, but historians agree that it has its roots in slavery and was composed by slaves to give them hope of a better future.


However, some are of the opinion that the song was actually a coded message that offered escape plans and even maps that the slaves could use to escape. This was similar to the song ‘Wade in the Water’ another rugby anthem that allegedly taught slaves how to evade bloodhounds when they were escaping. Similarly, the lyrics of ‘Follow The Drinking Gourd’ provided a detailed map that lead North to freedom; the refrain comprised of specific directions such as following the Big Dipper and several lyrics such as ‘the river ends between two hills’ showed them how to reach specific landmarks.


The song was written by Wallas Willis, a freed African American slave who was inspired by the Red River since it reminded him of the Biblical river that took Prophet Elijah to the heavens on a chariot. However, regardless of its origin, the song has been sung by rugby players and fans for decades and even during drinking games. It is mostly favoured by English supporters since the schoolboys who allegedly made it popular in-game were seated there and would sing whenever a try was scored.


The rest as they say, is history. Despite its depressing origins, ‘Swing Low Sweet Chariot’ is still sung in rugby houses, pubs and during drinking games. If you are in search of a sports bar that has the best food, great people and sports fans galore, then you need to visit Trinity Bar Venue.

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Sports Highlights This Week

Trinity Bar Venue, Dublin’s best sports bar, shows all of the top live fixtures, every week. Here’s a selection of what’s showing this week! Coming with a crowd for a big match? Click here to let us know and book a spot with a great view!

Sports Highlights:

Monday, August 24th

Tonight’s Premier League match is a big one, with Trinity Bar Venue favourites Liverpool going head to head with Arsenal at 8pm!

a v l

Tuesday, August 25th

Luton Town v Stoke City (Kick-off 7.45pm). Coverage of the second-round fixture at Kenilworth Road, as the League Two Hatters take on Mark Hughes’ Premier League outfit.

luton sports highlights

Wednesday, August 26th

Live One-Day International Cricket from 11.25am. South Africa v New Zealand. All the action from the third contest in the three-match series, which takes place at Kingsmead in Durban.


Thursday, August 27th

Live PGA Tour Golf, tonight from 7pm. The Barclays. Coverage of day one of the opening event of the FedEx Cup, which this year is staged at the Plainfield Country Club in Edison, New Jersey.

golf b

Friday, August 28th

There’s live La Liga football this Friday night, as Villarreal takes on Espanyol at 7.30pm!


Saturday, August 29th

There’s another packed Premier League schedule today, and we’ll be showing all of it! Liverpool kicks off against West Ham at 3pm.

l v w

Sunday, August 30th

This afternoon’s Premier League action features Southhampton v Norwich City at 1.30pm, followed by Swansea City v Manchester United at 4pm.