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What Not to Wear for Office Christmas?

The million dollar question

office christmas

Dress up games as young girls have proven to provide us with numerous ideas on trending fashion and style sense with a unique blend of personality to it. What no one typically teaches (except mommy) is what to avoid wearing at different occasions; life teaches some the hard way while others are simply better observers. And now that you’re a grown up, if the next moment from ‘lavenders blue’ is right in your closet mirror chanting ‘dress me up’ you need to take back a moment and reflect. Ponder on what you’re not supposed to wear at the much-awaited office Christmas party.

Christmas Sweaters

Yes it was made/gifted with tons of affection and many sentiments are weaved in it; nevertheless, it shall be kept aside for the informal ugly Christmas sweater parties with your bosom friends, only. Your office party, even if not very formal, is definitely not an event to show up with this kind of attire. Only if one wants to be a laughing stock should they dare to do so.

Shimmery Tree

Yes, it is holiday season; but aren’t the Christmas trees enough to be dressed the way they should? It doesn’t have to be you too. Bright colors are in fashion in the season but make sure you don’t become a walking talking Christmas ball or wreath yourself. Not at your office Christmas party at the least. After all, you wouldn’t fancy buntings and lights wrapped around you being stagnant in the lounge.

Sky isn’t the limit, so limit your heels

You aren’t aiming to the tallest person in fancy dress show; it’s your corporate Christmas party, and committing such a faux pas here doesn’t make you look good at all. You wouldn’t want to be made fun of after you return to the desk post-holidays..

Too Casual

Sweatshirt and shorts? Next, you all must be planning to go out for a picnic. Overly casual is clear no-no for an office Christmas part. Such attire gives off the message that you didn’t make an effort to dress up accordingly, and you wouldn’t want to give that impression to your bosses. The party isn’t the workplace, but it is still an office party.

Too Tight, Too Obnoxious

Wearing your dress too tight or showing off too much would only result in the impression you don’t want to give to any of your colleagues. There isn’t a strict dress code for corporate Christmas parties, but that doesn’t mean one can chuck all attire rules into the bin. A nice moderate hemline works well when it comes to your corporate parties. Get ready to flaunt your sophistication in style.

Jingly Bless, on You

You don’t want to be labeled the Santa or reindeer of the party; it’s not a costume party you’re going to (unless it is!). Bright Christmas socks, headbands and other accessories all come in the same category where you put up all the Christmas stuff and props in closet saved for a whole year.

Christmas parties are a great opportunity to interact with your colleagues outside the workplace, make the most of it with live entertainment and wonderful collection of drinks and food at Trinity Bar, Dublin. Memories and snaps of moments you will cherish for times to come await you.

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Christmas Food: Go Traditional at Trinity Bar



Christmas and traditional food go hand in hand. It doesn’t matter what part of the world you celebrate it in, a family dinner at Christmas Eve or a corporate event with colleagues is incomplete without a wholesome dinner.


Sit down dinners at home are a must with the family. But, there really is no need to plan out something as uneventful when you’re deciding on a venue for a Christmas shindig with your friends or work buddies. Bars are a great option for such a night out. There’s live entertainment, great options to choose from when it comes to alcohol, and at venues such as the Trinity Bar Venue, you also get great food!

At Trinity Bar, you can expect to experience an appetite alluring Irish dinner while you feast with your friends over the auspicious occasion.


A menu list full of starters for your tummy tickling hunger after an energized party include roasted potato skin, Irish fish cakes served with salad and sweet chili sauce, and crispy  chicken wings served with Bar-B-Q sauce. Oak House smoked salmon is also a famous entrée served at Trinity Bar which comes with our own baked brown bread.

The best meal you have all year could be planned out for you at Trinity Bar, which is definitely cost worthy and adds new dimensions to your taste buds that’ll have you coming back for more treats.


In medieval times, turkey, geese, beef, and pork were roasted for Christmas feasts. By the 18th century, vegetables and fruits also became a staple at Irish Christmas dining tables. Not much seemed to have changed in this regard since then. Trinity Bar Venue offers a good range of main course meals that keep up with traditional recipes, but subtly molded to modern taste to fit all. Main course available includes traditional Irish beef stew, fillet of sea bass with roasted potatoes and vegetables, sweet chili beef burger, slow cooked roast lamb shank, 28 days matured sirloin steak, traditional fish n chips, homemade Arthur’s steak, Guinness pie, and more.


When it comes to desserts, you’d be in for mouth watering surprises as the friendly staff guides you to what’s in the chef’s special for the day. Christmas spirit is taken to the next level with the delicious desserts of the season.


Don’t miss a chance to plan an important event when all you have to do is make some a reservation to enjoy your night at the heart of Temple Bar. Trinity Bar Venue is an ideal place to enjoy your Christmas meal with friends or colleagues. Have a great night out and get your food on with our delicious food offerings or snack on the different finger food options which don’t even get messy or require you to observe too many dining etiquettes.