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50th Trinity Bar

Your 50th Birthday at Trinity Bar Venue
When you were younger, let’s face it, fifty seemed pretty ancient. Now you’re on the cusp of it, though, you realise that hitting your fifties looks pretty damn good… This is a time to celebrate!

You’re at a time in your life when freedom may be on the horizon. The kids are growing up, or may have already fled the nest. You have the time and the opportunity to focus on yourself again. In your fifties, you’re still young. You’re fit enough to do everything you’ve ever wanted: to travel, to try new things, to keep learning. You don’t have to say goodbye to your inner child just yet! In fact, now is the time to let that part of you thrive again.

That said, time is ticking! But now, that’s only a good thing.

You know that now is the time to seize any and every opportunity that life throws your way. You also have the strength to seize them. You’ve lived through a lot. You know hardships, and you know you can get through them. You know what you really need to worry about and what just isn’t worth your time.

Last, but not least, you are in VERY good company. Famous faces in the over-50s club include Brad Pitt, Elle Macpherson, and Johnny Depp. In 2016, Cindy Crawford, Halle Berry, and Salma Hayek will all be turning 50 too.

This birthday marks an important milestone in your life, so don’t let is pass you by! Book your 50th birthday celebrations at Trinity Bar Venue, and we can promise you will have a night to remember, celebrating with family and friends, and looking forward to the future! We’ve got a fantastic atmosphere, with great food and even better music, right in the heart of Dublin city.