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Your 40th Birthday at Trinity Bar Venue
Your 40th birthday is coming up, and your thirties are behind you. Chances are, you’re having mixed emotions. But haven’t you heard? Forty is the new twenty! Instead of having a mid-life crisis, have a mid-life celebration!

Turning forty can be an empowering experience. Your forty-year-old self knows it’s ok to say no instead of saying yes when you don’t want to. You know when to quit, and know that quitting doesn’t have to mean failure – it can mean you’ve grown.

Forty means strength, and survival, and perseverance. Forty years of walking and talking and breathing and growing. You know now that you don’t have to spend time pleasing others. You know what you want, and how to get it, and, most importantly, that it’s ok to go after what you want! It’s time to be who you want to be.

Forty might mean overseeing homework and playing the family taxi driver, but it has also answered many of the big life questions you had in your young adult life. Forty is about embracing those answers, and looking forward to a confident and fulfilled future.

Age is just a number, but you know that each of those number marks an important year in your life and all of the achievements you have behind you. And, you know what they say… Life begins at forty!

This birthday marks an important milestone in your life, don’t let is pass by unmarked. Book your 40th birthday celebrations at Trinity Bar Venue, and we can promise you will have a night to remember, celebrating with family and friends, and looking forward to the future! We’ve got a fantastic atmosphere, with great food and even better music, right in the heart of Dublin city.