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Why You Should Watch Euro 2016 at a Sports Bar in Dublin


The Euro 2016 tournament is near and you know what that means! It is time to show your love for football to the world and enjoy watching all the giants clash once again at the centre stage. Who will come out on top? Who will take the glory? It’s all about to go down and it’s going to be filled with exciting encounters!

With the football season about to reach its peak, you definitely need to visit a sports bar in Dublin to catch all the excitement live on HD screens. Here are a few reasons that will convince you to leave your home and watch Euro 2016 at a sports bar in Dublin.

Thrilling Atmosphere

Sports bars during the time of football tournaments are always packed with sports fans and football lovers. As such, if you are looking to enjoy some decent company while being a part of the thrilling atmosphere, it is definitely recommended that you visit a sports bar in Dublin to watch all the games.

Fantastic Food

One thing is for certain: wherever you go in Dublin, there is always fantastic cuisine and delicious flavour on offer. A sports bar in Dublin is no different as it offers exceptional food with mesmerizing taste. What better way to celebrate watching your favourite games than to enjoy along with your favourite foods? It definitely doesn’t get any better than this!

Exciting Drinks

No sports game is complete without the exciting drinks to go along with it. This is one fact you can never avoid. It doesn’t matter which drink you love the most, as long as you have someone to pour you another shot, the excitement keeps on increasing. Drinks and football is one combination that goes hand in hand and there’s no better place to get a taste of your favourite drinks along with football than a sports bar in Dublin.

Love for Football

At the end of the day, it’s all about your passion and love for the beautiful game. If you truly admire football, you will not think about visiting a nearby sports bar twice and make it there as soon as you can. It’s a way of giving back to football through your love and dedication!

If you are looking for a sports bar in Dublin where you can watch Euro 2016 then you should definitely give Trinity Bar a serious look. This bar is filled with an enthralling atmosphere coupled with the HD screens that deliver the best in terms of entertainment. If there is one sports bar in Dublin that you definitely need to see, it is the Trinity Bar. Make sure you don’t miss out on this one!

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Experiencing Dublin like a local – From food, to Live Music, Sports Bar and much more


Dublin can undoubtedly be defined as a low rise city. As the city has nothing but flat land geographically, you won’t find many vantage points here. However, there are points scattered all over the city where you can enjoy the beautiful sunset.

One such place is the “Gravity Bar” that is located in Guinness Storehouse. If you want to grab the perfect view of the sunset from this place, you better be aware that it does not come for free. Alternatively, the locals of Dublin would suggest you walk all the way to the south of the suburbs towards the Dun Laoghaire Pier, if you want to experience sunset in this beautiful city. You can walk all the way, look back towards the city and experience something so breathtaking that you would want to capture it for the rest of your life.

As a traveler, you cannot help noticing the green surroundings, which is one of the outcomes of frequent rainfall in Ireland. The quality of grass in the country depicts that the land produces some exceptional and high quality meat and dairy products. As the country is surrounded by fisheries, so the quality and taste of the seafood produced in the country is also unbeatable.

If the chef of the restaurant where you are eating at, knows how to treat seafood, then you will be having one of the best flavorful food experiences of your life. If you want to try the best seafood in town, without affecting the health of your wallet, the locals suggest going to Locks Brasserie or The Winding Stairs. It is the place, where you may get the city’s best seafood that would be a treat for your taste buds. Traveling will not fade away your enthusiasm towards your favorite sport for sure. So even when you are traveling to a city like Dublin, where you have so many things to distract you from catching up on your favorite match live, you will still look for places where you can sit, relax and enjoy the thrilling sports, while cheering for your favorite team.

If you are looking for such a place to calm down the craving of the sports enthusiast within you, then you should head towards the center of Dublin and ask the locals where the “Trinity Bar Venue” is. It is one of the best sports bars in Dublin known for the screening of live and crucial matches on HD screens, whose quality is unmatchable. Besides meeting the demands of the sports enthusiast, this sports bar of Ireland is also known for providing the best live entertainment to the locals. The soulful and traditional Irish music that is played by the band complements the traditional Irish food served here.

If you ever visit Dublin, do not miss the chance of visiting “Trinity Bar Venue” located within the heart of Temple Bar. For information on screening of matches and live musical performance, visit

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Best Sports Bar and Pub Experience in Dublin

Trinity sports bar is in the heart of Dublin city centre

What is the best time to run through some of Dublin’s best sports bar, than during the sports season, when everything is so thrilling that it gets the blood rushing in your veins, making you more alive than before? So here is a list of sports bars in Dublin that are most dedicated to sports and broadcast a variety of matches on the big screens. The locations of the bar listed here, spreads all across the city, providing you some of the best sports experiences no matter where you go.

Trinity Bar Venue

This sports bar in Dublin is located on Dame Street. It is the most centralized location for any sports bar in the city, making it easily accessible for the visitors. Although this sports bar broadcasts the matches of all the clubs but it is the official supporter of “Liverpool”. To further contribute towards their dedication to sports, Trinity Bar Venue plans to transforms its downstairs area into a sports club, similar to the area above. The bar has the city biggest television screen locally; therefore it is the best place to enjoy the sports season and your favorite matches. To further enhance the experience for the sports enthusiast, the bar is planning to incorporate more screens, to maintain its status as the best sports bar in Ireland.

The Toast Bar

This again is one of the best sports bar in Dublin, offering the visitor a trendy and modern interior. There are various factors that have influenced us to put this bar second on our list. The comfy couches, home-like atmosphere and low tables provide you a soothing environment, where you can watch your favorite team playing. This is about one kilometer away from Trinity Bar, located on the main street of Rathmines.

Murray Bar

Murray Bar located on O’Connel Street is a name that the sports fans are familiar with. The fans of Celtic often call this pub their second home. The sports bar provides you with a great experience during the sports days, by offering a variety of food and a sporty atmosphere. You can also stay after the match and drown your sorrow or celebrate your happiness with the traditional soulful Irish music.


McGowans serves as a sports bar by day and it transforms itself into a nightclub by sunset. The sports bar is known for showing live football matches and attracting a huge fan base. If there is a rugby, football or GAA season to be screened at McGowans, the bar is opened until late night, so you can stay there as long as you want to see the match reach its conclusion.

The Living Room

The Living Room, within its premises, has a huge screen, which is surrounded by several small screens. These screens are located in the bar area, where the customers gather to watch the screening of their favorite matches. The place also comprises of a beer garden, where the customers may soak up the sunlight, while enjoying live screening.

Among these, with the biggest television screens in Dublin, Trinity Bar Venue provides an irreplaceable experience to its customers, making it the best sports bar in Ireland. For more information on the upcoming screening of live matches, visit

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Explore Dublin: Eating, Drinking and Live Entertainment

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What to eat when in Dublin?

There are some tastes being offered across Dublin that you would regret missing. Chicken wings at the Elephant and Castle are a must try, if your taste buds prefer the explosion of spicy sauces in your mouth. For many years, the recipe of the sauce that was being used at Elephant and Castle was being kept a secret, until it was discovered by others and now the same wings are being offered in 10 other places in Dublin. However, Elephant and Castle manages to maintain the best and authentic taste like none other.

The Sea Salt Ice-cream at Murphy is also something that a person should try once. Although, the concept of salt within an ice-cream seems like an oxymoron at first, but you have got to try it once to believe in the idea of how these complex flavors complement one another.

The Trinity Beef Burger which is the offering of the Trinity Bar Venue is another thing that you cannot miss. The restaurant is located in the heart of the city and is known for serving the best burgers in town with bacon, tomatoes, lettuce and cheddar. It is served with fries on the side.

What to drink when in Dublin?

Nowadays, it is perfectly fine if you visit a pub and order water or freshly squeezed juice. No one would dare to bat an eyelid at you, for ordering non-alcoholic drinks because visiting a pub or a bar and not ordering alcohol is now turning into a norm in Ireland.

However, when you desire to order an alcoholic beverage, you need to be extra careful. If you prefer to consume alcoholic drinks, then go for pints and not half glasses. It may not seem like the ideal thing to do but ordering pints would cost you less money. You can also try more variety this way and even if you do not like a drink, you won’t regret it in the end as you have paid for the pint and not for a glass.

If you have no idea what drink you should order when you arrive in a new city, ask the bartender to recommend something. As long as the bartender is getting a good tip, he/she will not give you a bad advice.

Seeking Live Entertainment in Dublin

The culture of Dublin promotes live music as a major source of entertainment. The live music in Dublin is also attracting tourists towards the city. There are in fact, so many places in Dublin, which offer a complete package to the guests in terms of food, music and entertainment. Some of the best places that you can visit to enjoy live music in Dublin are Trinity Bar Venue, Quays Bar, The Cobblestone, Temple Bar and Whelsan. All these places are famous for the quality of live music they play.

If you want to experience the best amalgam of food and music, consider paying a visit to Trinity Bar Venue. Visit us at

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Diversity in the City of Dublin


The city of Dublin is home to some of the most stunning landscapes in Europe. The trademark beach and the assortment of some of the best bars in Dublin are some of the features that attract tourists to city. Despite not being dubbed the luxury capital of the world as a Paris or a London may be. The city has continued to garner fame through its exploits for the enhancement of tourism etc.

There are plenty of reasons which make the city the place it is today. With its strict enforcement of law and order, the provision of basic facilities, hotels, bars and inns for visitors and travelers or the exquisite cuisine of the city, there is something for everyone in Dublin. That is what makes it a city of diversity.

The Official Resolve

To the officials at the helm of affairs in Dublin, the city is not just your average run of the mill tourism hub. It needs to be much more than that and they have taken steps to ensure that is so. The city has a “Diversity Advantage” program which aims to promote and value people of diverse backgrounds, ethnic and cultural identities fusing into and adapting to the Irish way of living.

The city of Dublin and its heartland of Temple Bay are a welcoming, open, friendly and diverse place to visit. People in the city are encouraged to stay true to their identities and savor their own culture whilst appreciating that of their Irish counterparts. The rules and regulations in the city inculcate the culture of diversity and respecting people irrespective of their culture in the city.

A Diverse City

As you walk around the streets of Dublin you will be able to meet people belonging to different racial and ethnic identities all donning the cape of a true Irish. The country in general and the city in particular has had a welcoming attitude towards people from all racial backgrounds. Did you know that back in 2012, according to a magazine Ireland was hailed as the 2nd most Globalised country in the world?

For a tourist, Dublin is an ideal place to visit not only because it has some of the top Sports Bars in Ireland but because here you are able to find people from all walks of life, all working in tandem. The hospitality of the Irish is much talked about. This is clear in the way the nation has opened up to immigrants, people coming to the country looking for a job and starting a family. Even in terms of education institutions, Dublin is chief amongst a number of Irish cities that are welcoming of international students. The Irish attitude to people of all racial identities has meant that visitors are now able to feel at home when they visit Dublin.

If you are looking to visit the best Sports bars in Dublin or the best bars in Ireland, all you need to do is visit the Trinity Bar. To contact visit their website call at 01-6794455.

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Top Ten Things to do in Dublin


Despite being a small country, Ireland is making its place on the world stage as much for its tourism as it is for its distinct culture. Dublin is the city in Ireland that is leading the charge towards this tourist centric strategy. The city is filled with some of the best bars in Ireland, where you can go to savor your holidays. This blog outlines the top ten things you can do in Dublin.

1. Listen to Irish Music at Cobblestone

There are seldom places that are exclusively used to dish out some of the finest music in the area. One such place in Dublin is Cobblestone. You can visit the venue and enjoy live music in Dublin from the finest musicians of the area playing out their best collections.

2. Meet Up with the Locals

You cannot expect to visit a country while disregarding the locals. One of the first few things to do on your visit to Dublin is meeting up with the locals. Chatting with them about the life in general and seeking tips, tricks, and advice from the locals to enjoy the city in its entirety.

3. Take a Bus Tour of Dublin

There are plenty of bus tours available in the city which volunteers to show travellers around the great Irish city. Most people come to the area in love with certain landscapes and places, leaving without having had explored the whole city. Going on a bus tour will portray some of the city’s hidden treasures to you.

4. Visit the Dublin Castle

The Irish have a history of monarchs and the Dublin Castle is a testament of that. An age-old castle which has historical significance attached to it, it is a historic site to visit especially for people who have an interest in architecture and history.

5. Visit Dublin Premier’s Gastro Sports Bar

With the Rugby world cup on the horizon, the frenzy for people to make the most of this event and savor it the fullest is unparallel. What other place to make the most of this emotion that Ireland. The Irish people are popular for their passion of the sport and visiting one of the best sports bars in Ireland will only help savor the experience.

6. Visit the Temple Bay Area

The temple Bay area is one of the more iconic places to visit in Dublin. Dubbed the heartland of the city, it is the home of many attractions for people to savor. Not only is the bay loaded with bars and restaurants, it is also the place for a number of photography studios.

7. Style up Your Wardrobe

The Irish fashion is popular for being distinct and different. There are a number of clothing shops in the area that offer travelers the chance to modify their wardrobe according to the city and take with them Irish fashion trends to follow.

8. Eat the best Burger in Dublin at Trinity Bar

Moving away from traditional Irish food in Dublin, if you are looking a taste to savor, you are best advised to visit the Trinity Bar and eat its burger, which has recently been ranked in the top 10 burgers in Ireland.

9. Take a Walk in the Dublin Gardens

The Dublin gardens are lush green pastures of grass beautifully designed and decorated with pathways to walk. To get a sense of relaxation in your fun filled holiday you can take a stroll through these gardens.

10. Shop and Shop Well

When you are in Dublin, you cannot leave without taking some of its offerings back home with you. There are many attractions on sale in the markets and purchasing a few will help savor the occasion.

To visit the Trinity Bar contact us at call at 01-6794455 today!

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Highlighting the Qualities of a Great Sports Bar in Dublin


When it comes to their love for sports, there are very few who can claim to be better than the Irish. No one beats the Irish in celebrations and in drinking, which are two of their favourite things whenever their favourite sports team wins. It doesn’t even matter what sport it is, all Irish people love sports in general, and that is the way it should be. There are some great sports bars in Dublin, and if you want to really experience a game, then you need to check out the best sports bars in Dublin. Now coming up with a definitive list of the best sports bars in Dublin, can be a bit tricky, since everyone has their own preferences and it can be difficult to choose one over the other. So we have decided to skip the controversy and provide you with the qualities of a great sports bar in Dublin. That way you can visit and decide by yourself, which sports bar deserves the honor for being the best in Dublin.

Reasons why sports bars are popular in Dublin Sports bars provide fans with a place to come and enjoy two of their favourite things, sports and beers. It is a place where people from everywhere are welcome to come in, enjoy, get some beers, have the food, and watch the game. It is also one of the best ways to socialize, relax and unwind with some friends over the weekend. Here are some reasons why sports bars are popular in Dublin:

 Offer all the major sporting events in HD screen TVs

 Offer lots of side attractions, such as games and prizes

 Live music and performances from comedians and singers

 Great selection of beers and quality food

What makes a sports bar standout?

There are many sports bars in Dublin that claim they are the best in the city, but which factors define the quality of a sports bar? Here are some of them:

Quality of food

The quality of food is highly important for a sports bar, since people like to munch on food while watching the game. This is why the food in the bar has got to be delicious and well prepared, because if the food isn’t great, people will stop going to that bar.

Drinking options

Any sports bar worth their salt has to provide some outstanding selection and range of drinks to their customers. The number of options shouldn’t only be restricted to beers, and an assortment of cocktails, wine, and other alcoholic beverages will ensure that there is a never-ending stream of sports fans at the bar.


What truly makes a sports bar special is the atmosphere in the bar on game day. There are plenty of sports bars that are showing the same game on match day, but not many of these bars are able to provide the sort of electric atmosphere that distinguishes the good from the great.

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What Makes Dublin the Best Tourist destination


The city of Dublin is one of the most famous cities in Ireland and it is no surprise to see why. The Irish are known for their fervor, their passion and their commitment to having a good time. The city of Dublin stays true to the Irish tradition and offers that and more. Over the years the city has developed and progressed to become one of the most loved tourist destinations in the world. Signs of these developments are clear with the development of the Temple Bar area, etc. This blog takes a look at some of the reasons that have made Dublin what it is today and tries to understand lives in the heart of tourists from all around the world.

Food Fit for King

Dublin and Ireland are no strangers to royalty. The city has a number of castles existing in different places across the city. Yet, it’s the food that is available in Dublin which is the real winner. The food available in Dublin makes use of the entire Irish flavor and adds a bit of finesse and sophistication to it. For a tourist, Dublin is a food paradise. There are restaurants, hotels, food halls, cheese mongers, other shops offering specialized traditional Irish food Dublin.

St Patrick’s Day Celebrations

There is no other country in the world that identifies with these celebrations more than Ireland. The city of Dublin in particular being the major star attraction in the country is head and shoulders above other cities in terms of celebration. A sea of green spreads throughout the city come St Patrick’s Day in celebration of the Patron Saint. The celebrations are carried out irrespective of religion and diversity since it is very much a part of the country’s culture. The four day long celebrations continue with lots of pageantry and loads of fun fuelled by live entertainment in Dublin.

Lots of Culture to take in

Dublin is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world and it is no wonder most people turn to the city in order to learn its culture and festivals. The city of Dublin never disappoints. The city is home to some of the finest cultural places, festivals and museums that propagate the Irish culture for the masses and tourists. There are places where one can experience live music in Dublin that is topped with traditional Irish music and symphonies.

Bar Bonanza

Whether it’s a sports bar, a simple night fuelling party bar or a delicious food serving bar, the city of Dublin has all that and more. A tourist is able to experience some of the best Bars in Ireland present in the city. These cater to all kinds of people irrespective of their culture, tradition and cast or religion.

If you are looking to enjoy your stay in Dublin and are looking to have great food or enjoy one of the city’s famed night life, all you need to do is visit the Trinity Bar. Contact us at call at 01-6794455.

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8 of the Best Sports Bars in Ireland


There is no better place to watch a game than in a bar filled with people who are as passionate and diehard sports fans as you are. Come holiday season most of the biggest sporting spectacles start to kick off. So when one’s traveling around the world and having the time of their lives should they let sports take a back seat?

That is easier said than done. For a true sports fan, sport forms a part and parcel of their everyday life, which is why most people opt to travel to Dublin and enjoy its healthy assortment of sports bar Dublin. This blog takes a look at some of the best sports bars Ireland they are outlined below (the order of the bars mentioned is not a ranking).

1. O’Connells

This sports bar is located in the city of Galway is one of the most popular bars to watch sports in the area. Most of the rugby fans in the city flock to the bar to watch their daily dose of rugby action.

2. D2 Bar

Located in Dublin this bar is a multipurpose area where one can enjoy watching sports. There is a big screen for the mega event games and smaller screens to cater to different kinds of sports.

3. The Castle Glanmire

Located in the city of Cork, this is one of the most stunning bars in the city. The bar is as famous for its stadium like atmosphere as it is about its collection of live music.

4. The 19 th Bar

There are seldom bars that are set in a more picturesque settling. Located on the main street in Lahinch the bar is filled with a large number of people each day. Despite not being an out of ordinary bar like Dublin’s Premier Gastro Sports Bar, it has a cozy atmosphere going for it.

5. Dublin’s Premier Gastro Sports Bar

Dublin’s Premier Gastro sports is arguably one of the best sports bars Ireland. The bar features 21 different screens each catering to different sports to make sure every sport lover feels at home. On top of that, the bar is known for its live entertainment in Dublin which keeps the mood up and the passion going strong.

6. Porter House Central

Located at the prime location of Nassau Street, this bar is home to a large crowd when its big games time. It has lots of beers to enjoy and stay open longer than most bars.

7. Jerry Flannery’s Bar

This sports bar is located in Limerick and is one of the most famous bars in the area. The bar belongs to the Jerry Flannery family and it is one of the best places to watch rugby games which is the bar’s forte.

8. The Cavern

Sitting pretty in the city of Letterkenny, this is the top bar in the area without a doubt. The bar is substantially bigger than the average bar and has a roof top garden and two floors to match the fun.

Do you want to be spend time at the leading sports bar in Dublin called the Gastro Sports Bar, if yes then Contact us at calendar/or call at 01-6794455.

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Common Phrases to know when visiting Dublin


The city of Dublin is one of the leading tourist destinations in the world in the year 2016. Most people inEurope look to the city as a nice and quiet place to enjoy your holidays. Yet, there are two sides to city.

One is the side where the city is home to some of the finest traditional Irish food Ireland. On the other hand, the city is also the place where the infamous Temple Bar area stands which is home to some of the finest sports bar Ireland. On top that bars like Trinity Bar conjure up some of the finest live music in Dublin making the visit all the more special.

This blog takes a look at the common phrases that the Irish known for their wit and turn of words often speak. To facilitate the stay for a tourist in the city, since it will help them understand what is being said.

1. “Keep Sketch”

There are things you do in life and want the world to see and other things that you do in life, but would want to stay hidden from the world. If you catch someone doing something that they want to stay hidden, they will tell you to Keep Sketch i.e. keep a look out and make sure no one is able to see what they are doing. This phrase is used most in bars.

2. “Stall it For a Jar?”

Socializing on your trip to Dublin may be one of the primary problems one faces on their visit. In reality the people in the city of Dublin are some of the most welcoming people in the world. They will cater to your needs, make sure you are comfortable and go out of their way to ease your burden. Since Dublin is home to some of the best bars in Ireland, visiting these bars is an important fixture. If a local comes up to you and says “Stall it for a Jar?” What they mean is to ask you out for a drink.

3. “Deadly”

The Irish are funny people. They love to goof about and joke around. For a tourist to be able to mix in well with these people, they’ll need to shed their inhibitions and let their funny side out. The Irish are also people who aren’t reluctant to pass a comment. If they are telling you your joke or your look is Deadly, they mean to tell you how excellent it is.

4. “The state of yer One”

An understated reason that makes places like Dublin the best to visit is the hospitality of the people and their level of care and affection towards the other person. If a resident walks up to you and says ‘the state of yer one’ they are actually expressing concern over the health and well-being of your partner.

Trinity Bar is the place where you will find some of the best locals to hang out with. Are you looking to hand out in the bar contact us at calendar/or call at 01-6794455.