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Sampling Fine Whiskeys

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At Trinity Bar Venue, our dedicated bar staff have done all the work to bring you a wide selection of the finest whiskeys from Ireland and around the world, so all you need to do is make your choice, sit back, and enjoy! If you’re just a beginner to the world of whiskey, there are a few things to take note of when savouring this spirit:

The Nose

The ‘nose’ is the aroma of a whiskey. Terms used to describe it can vary from light to rich, robust to mellow, or simple to complex. The addition of a little water can bring the full bouquet of the spirit to the fore. However, care is to be taken when adding ice to whiskey, as it can have a muting effect on the aromas.

The Taste

As the first sip is held in the mouth, our numerous, acutely sensitive taste buds differentiate the taste profile of the whiskey. Whiskey may be described in a variety of ways: as having a sherry richness, spicy, nutty, dark chocolate, vanilla, woody, honey, full-bodied, creamy. A good whiskey will stimulate your taste buds, evoking these flavours and more.

The Finish

Having savoured the taste, the finish refers to the defined flavour that lingers in the mouth. It may be different to the initial sips, leaving a sweet, dry, or smooth essence on the tongue.

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