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Experiencing Dublin like a local – From food, to Live Music, Sports Bar and much more


Dublin can undoubtedly be defined as a low rise city. As the city has nothing but flat land geographically, you won’t find many vantage points here. However, there are points scattered all over the city where you can enjoy the beautiful sunset.

One such place is the “Gravity Bar” that is located in Guinness Storehouse. If you want to grab the perfect view of the sunset from this place, you better be aware that it does not come for free. Alternatively, the locals of Dublin would suggest you walk all the way to the south of the suburbs towards the Dun Laoghaire Pier, if you want to experience sunset in this beautiful city. You can walk all the way, look back towards the city and experience something so breathtaking that you would want to capture it for the rest of your life.

As a traveler, you cannot help noticing the green surroundings, which is one of the outcomes of frequent rainfall in Ireland. The quality of grass in the country depicts that the land produces some exceptional and high quality meat and dairy products. As the country is surrounded by fisheries, so the quality and taste of the seafood produced in the country is also unbeatable.

If the chef of the restaurant where you are eating at, knows how to treat seafood, then you will be having one of the best flavorful food experiences of your life. If you want to try the best seafood in town, without affecting the health of your wallet, the locals suggest going to Locks Brasserie or The Winding Stairs. It is the place, where you may get the city’s best seafood that would be a treat for your taste buds. Traveling will not fade away your enthusiasm towards your favorite sport for sure. So even when you are traveling to a city like Dublin, where you have so many things to distract you from catching up on your favorite match live, you will still look for places where you can sit, relax and enjoy the thrilling sports, while cheering for your favorite team.

If you are looking for such a place to calm down the craving of the sports enthusiast within you, then you should head towards the center of Dublin and ask the locals where the “Trinity Bar Venue” is. It is one of the best sports bars in Dublin known for the screening of live and crucial matches on HD screens, whose quality is unmatchable. Besides meeting the demands of the sports enthusiast, this sports bar of Ireland is also known for providing the best live entertainment to the locals. The soulful and traditional Irish music that is played by the band complements the traditional Irish food served here.

If you ever visit Dublin, do not miss the chance of visiting “Trinity Bar Venue” located within the heart of Temple Bar. For information on screening of matches and live musical performance, visit

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