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Best Sports Bar and Pub Experience in Dublin

Trinity sports bar is in the heart of Dublin city centre

What is the best time to run through some of Dublin’s best sports bar, than during the sports season, when everything is so thrilling that it gets the blood rushing in your veins, making you more alive than before? So here is a list of sports bars in Dublin that are most dedicated to sports and broadcast a variety of matches on the big screens. The locations of the bar listed here, spreads all across the city, providing you some of the best sports experiences no matter where you go.

Trinity Bar Venue

This sports bar in Dublin is located on Dame Street. It is the most centralized location for any sports bar in the city, making it easily accessible for the visitors. Although this sports bar broadcasts the matches of all the clubs but it is the official supporter of “Liverpool”. To further contribute towards their dedication to sports, Trinity Bar Venue plans to transforms its downstairs area into a sports club, similar to the area above. The bar has the city biggest television screen locally; therefore it is the best place to enjoy the sports season and your favorite matches. To further enhance the experience for the sports enthusiast, the bar is planning to incorporate more screens, to maintain its status as the best sports bar in Ireland.

The Toast Bar

This again is one of the best sports bar in Dublin, offering the visitor a trendy and modern interior. There are various factors that have influenced us to put this bar second on our list. The comfy couches, home-like atmosphere and low tables provide you a soothing environment, where you can watch your favorite team playing. This is about one kilometer away from Trinity Bar, located on the main street of Rathmines.

Murray Bar

Murray Bar located on O’Connel Street is a name that the sports fans are familiar with. The fans of Celtic often call this pub their second home. The sports bar provides you with a great experience during the sports days, by offering a variety of food and a sporty atmosphere. You can also stay after the match and drown your sorrow or celebrate your happiness with the traditional soulful Irish music.


McGowans serves as a sports bar by day and it transforms itself into a nightclub by sunset. The sports bar is known for showing live football matches and attracting a huge fan base. If there is a rugby, football or GAA season to be screened at McGowans, the bar is opened until late night, so you can stay there as long as you want to see the match reach its conclusion.

The Living Room

The Living Room, within its premises, has a huge screen, which is surrounded by several small screens. These screens are located in the bar area, where the customers gather to watch the screening of their favorite matches. The place also comprises of a beer garden, where the customers may soak up the sunlight, while enjoying live screening.

Among these, with the biggest television screens in Dublin, Trinity Bar Venue provides an irreplaceable experience to its customers, making it the best sports bar in Ireland. For more information on the upcoming screening of live matches, visit

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