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Top Ten Things to do in Dublin


Despite being a small country, Ireland is making its place on the world stage as much for its tourism as it is for its distinct culture. Dublin is the city in Ireland that is leading the charge towards this tourist centric strategy. The city is filled with some of the best bars in Ireland, where you can go to savor your holidays. This blog outlines the top ten things you can do in Dublin.

1. Listen to Irish Music at Cobblestone

There are seldom places that are exclusively used to dish out some of the finest music in the area. One such place in Dublin is Cobblestone. You can visit the venue and enjoy live music in Dublin from the finest musicians of the area playing out their best collections.

2. Meet Up with the Locals

You cannot expect to visit a country while disregarding the locals. One of the first few things to do on your visit to Dublin is meeting up with the locals. Chatting with them about the life in general and seeking tips, tricks, and advice from the locals to enjoy the city in its entirety.

3. Take a Bus Tour of Dublin

There are plenty of bus tours available in the city which volunteers to show travellers around the great Irish city. Most people come to the area in love with certain landscapes and places, leaving without having had explored the whole city. Going on a bus tour will portray some of the city’s hidden treasures to you.

4. Visit the Dublin Castle

The Irish have a history of monarchs and the Dublin Castle is a testament of that. An age-old castle which has historical significance attached to it, it is a historic site to visit especially for people who have an interest in architecture and history.

5. Visit Dublin Premier’s Gastro Sports Bar

With the Rugby world cup on the horizon, the frenzy for people to make the most of this event and savor it the fullest is unparallel. What other place to make the most of this emotion that Ireland. The Irish people are popular for their passion of the sport and visiting one of the best sports bars in Ireland will only help savor the experience.

6. Visit the Temple Bay Area

The temple Bay area is one of the more iconic places to visit in Dublin. Dubbed the heartland of the city, it is the home of many attractions for people to savor. Not only is the bay loaded with bars and restaurants, it is also the place for a number of photography studios.

7. Style up Your Wardrobe

The Irish fashion is popular for being distinct and different. There are a number of clothing shops in the area that offer travelers the chance to modify their wardrobe according to the city and take with them Irish fashion trends to follow.

8. Eat the best Burger in Dublin at Trinity Bar

Moving away from traditional Irish food in Dublin, if you are looking a taste to savor, you are best advised to visit the Trinity Bar and eat its burger, which has recently been ranked in the top 10 burgers in Ireland.

9. Take a Walk in the Dublin Gardens

The Dublin gardens are lush green pastures of grass beautifully designed and decorated with pathways to walk. To get a sense of relaxation in your fun filled holiday you can take a stroll through these gardens.

10. Shop and Shop Well

When you are in Dublin, you cannot leave without taking some of its offerings back home with you. There are many attractions on sale in the markets and purchasing a few will help savor the occasion.

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