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Diversity in the City of Dublin


The city of Dublin is home to some of the most stunning landscapes in Europe. The trademark beach and the assortment of some of the best bars in Dublin are some of the features that attract tourists to city. Despite not being dubbed the luxury capital of the world as a Paris or a London may be. The city has continued to garner fame through its exploits for the enhancement of tourism etc.

There are plenty of reasons which make the city the place it is today. With its strict enforcement of law and order, the provision of basic facilities, hotels, bars and inns for visitors and travelers or the exquisite cuisine of the city, there is something for everyone in Dublin. That is what makes it a city of diversity.

The Official Resolve

To the officials at the helm of affairs in Dublin, the city is not just your average run of the mill tourism hub. It needs to be much more than that and they have taken steps to ensure that is so. The city has a “Diversity Advantage” program which aims to promote and value people of diverse backgrounds, ethnic and cultural identities fusing into and adapting to the Irish way of living.

The city of Dublin and its heartland of Temple Bay are a welcoming, open, friendly and diverse place to visit. People in the city are encouraged to stay true to their identities and savor their own culture whilst appreciating that of their Irish counterparts. The rules and regulations in the city inculcate the culture of diversity and respecting people irrespective of their culture in the city.

A Diverse City

As you walk around the streets of Dublin you will be able to meet people belonging to different racial and ethnic identities all donning the cape of a true Irish. The country in general and the city in particular has had a welcoming attitude towards people from all racial backgrounds. Did you know that back in 2012, according to a magazine Ireland was hailed as the 2nd most Globalised country in the world?

For a tourist, Dublin is an ideal place to visit not only because it has some of the top Sports Bars in Ireland but because here you are able to find people from all walks of life, all working in tandem. The hospitality of the Irish is much talked about. This is clear in the way the nation has opened up to immigrants, people coming to the country looking for a job and starting a family. Even in terms of education institutions, Dublin is chief amongst a number of Irish cities that are welcoming of international students. The Irish attitude to people of all racial identities has meant that visitors are now able to feel at home when they visit Dublin.

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