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What Makes Dublin the Best Tourist destination


The city of Dublin is one of the most famous cities in Ireland and it is no surprise to see why. The Irish are known for their fervor, their passion and their commitment to having a good time. The city of Dublin stays true to the Irish tradition and offers that and more. Over the years the city has developed and progressed to become one of the most loved tourist destinations in the world. Signs of these developments are clear with the development of the Temple Bar area, etc. This blog takes a look at some of the reasons that have made Dublin what it is today and tries to understand lives in the heart of tourists from all around the world.

Food Fit for King

Dublin and Ireland are no strangers to royalty. The city has a number of castles existing in different places across the city. Yet, it’s the food that is available in Dublin which is the real winner. The food available in Dublin makes use of the entire Irish flavor and adds a bit of finesse and sophistication to it. For a tourist, Dublin is a food paradise. There are restaurants, hotels, food halls, cheese mongers, other shops offering specialized traditional Irish food Dublin.

St Patrick’s Day Celebrations

There is no other country in the world that identifies with these celebrations more than Ireland. The city of Dublin in particular being the major star attraction in the country is head and shoulders above other cities in terms of celebration. A sea of green spreads throughout the city come St Patrick’s Day in celebration of the Patron Saint. The celebrations are carried out irrespective of religion and diversity since it is very much a part of the country’s culture. The four day long celebrations continue with lots of pageantry and loads of fun fuelled by live entertainment in Dublin.

Lots of Culture to take in

Dublin is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world and it is no wonder most people turn to the city in order to learn its culture and festivals. The city of Dublin never disappoints. The city is home to some of the finest cultural places, festivals and museums that propagate the Irish culture for the masses and tourists. There are places where one can experience live music in Dublin that is topped with traditional Irish music and symphonies.

Bar Bonanza

Whether it’s a sports bar, a simple night fuelling party bar or a delicious food serving bar, the city of Dublin has all that and more. A tourist is able to experience some of the best Bars in Ireland present in the city. These cater to all kinds of people irrespective of their culture, tradition and cast or religion.

If you are looking to enjoy your stay in Dublin and are looking to have great food or enjoy one of the city’s famed night life, all you need to do is visit the Trinity Bar. Contact us at call at 01-6794455.

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