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Common Phrases to know when visiting Dublin


The city of Dublin is one of the leading tourist destinations in the world in the year 2016. Most people inEurope look to the city as a nice and quiet place to enjoy your holidays. Yet, there are two sides to city.

One is the side where the city is home to some of the finest traditional Irish food Ireland. On the other hand, the city is also the place where the infamous Temple Bar area stands which is home to some of the finest sports bar Ireland. On top that bars like Trinity Bar conjure up some of the finest live music in Dublin making the visit all the more special.

This blog takes a look at the common phrases that the Irish known for their wit and turn of words often speak. To facilitate the stay for a tourist in the city, since it will help them understand what is being said.

1. “Keep Sketch”

There are things you do in life and want the world to see and other things that you do in life, but would want to stay hidden from the world. If you catch someone doing something that they want to stay hidden, they will tell you to Keep Sketch i.e. keep a look out and make sure no one is able to see what they are doing. This phrase is used most in bars.

2. “Stall it For a Jar?”

Socializing on your trip to Dublin may be one of the primary problems one faces on their visit. In reality the people in the city of Dublin are some of the most welcoming people in the world. They will cater to your needs, make sure you are comfortable and go out of their way to ease your burden. Since Dublin is home to some of the best bars in Ireland, visiting these bars is an important fixture. If a local comes up to you and says “Stall it for a Jar?” What they mean is to ask you out for a drink.

3. “Deadly”

The Irish are funny people. They love to goof about and joke around. For a tourist to be able to mix in well with these people, they’ll need to shed their inhibitions and let their funny side out. The Irish are also people who aren’t reluctant to pass a comment. If they are telling you your joke or your look is Deadly, they mean to tell you how excellent it is.

4. “The state of yer One”

An understated reason that makes places like Dublin the best to visit is the hospitality of the people and their level of care and affection towards the other person. If a resident walks up to you and says ‘the state of yer one’ they are actually expressing concern over the health and well-being of your partner.

Trinity Bar is the place where you will find some of the best locals to hang out with. Are you looking to hand out in the bar contact us at calendar/or call at 01-6794455.

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