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8 of the Best Sports Bars in Ireland


There is no better place to watch a game than in a bar filled with people who are as passionate and diehard sports fans as you are. Come holiday season most of the biggest sporting spectacles start to kick off. So when one’s traveling around the world and having the time of their lives should they let sports take a back seat?

That is easier said than done. For a true sports fan, sport forms a part and parcel of their everyday life, which is why most people opt to travel to Dublin and enjoy its healthy assortment of sports bar Dublin. This blog takes a look at some of the best sports bars Ireland they are outlined below (the order of the bars mentioned is not a ranking).

1. O’Connells

This sports bar is located in the city of Galway is one of the most popular bars to watch sports in the area. Most of the rugby fans in the city flock to the bar to watch their daily dose of rugby action.

2. D2 Bar

Located in Dublin this bar is a multipurpose area where one can enjoy watching sports. There is a big screen for the mega event games and smaller screens to cater to different kinds of sports.

3. The Castle Glanmire

Located in the city of Cork, this is one of the most stunning bars in the city. The bar is as famous for its stadium like atmosphere as it is about its collection of live music.

4. The 19 th Bar

There are seldom bars that are set in a more picturesque settling. Located on the main street in Lahinch the bar is filled with a large number of people each day. Despite not being an out of ordinary bar like Dublin’s Premier Gastro Sports Bar, it has a cozy atmosphere going for it.

5. Dublin’s Premier Gastro Sports Bar

Dublin’s Premier Gastro sports is arguably one of the best sports bars Ireland. The bar features 21 different screens each catering to different sports to make sure every sport lover feels at home. On top of that, the bar is known for its live entertainment in Dublin which keeps the mood up and the passion going strong.

6. Porter House Central

Located at the prime location of Nassau Street, this bar is home to a large crowd when its big games time. It has lots of beers to enjoy and stay open longer than most bars.

7. Jerry Flannery’s Bar

This sports bar is located in Limerick and is one of the most famous bars in the area. The bar belongs to the Jerry Flannery family and it is one of the best places to watch rugby games which is the bar’s forte.

8. The Cavern

Sitting pretty in the city of Letterkenny, this is the top bar in the area without a doubt. The bar is substantially bigger than the average bar and has a roof top garden and two floors to match the fun.

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