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The To Dos and Not to Dos in Dublin


While Dublin offers the most promising and exciting tourist destination anywhere in Europe, there are certain common mistakes made by tourists which restricts them from making them most of their trip. The city offers some of the best bars in Ireland, a healthy assortment of live music in Dublin and a number of tourist attractions to visit.

This blog takes a look at some of the things that you should and some things that you shouldn’t do on your next travel to Dublin.

Things to Do:

 Eat Out at Local Eateries

Dublin has some of the finest dishes of traditional Irish foods Ireland. The high end hotels and the local eateries both offer tourists the chance to enjoy these delicacies. Yet, eating at a local eatery will give the visitor a chance to mingle with the common man, learn about their culture and enjoy traditional day to day Irish food.

 Look Around the Castles

Dublin has a number of castles each signifying the time when there were empires stretching across Europe. Visiting some of these castles is an integral part of your trip. Since each one of them gives you the chance to delve into history and enjoy the grandeur of these constructions.

 Going to the Temple bar Area

The Temple Bar area is one of the most widely visited places in the city and is home to the some of the best bars in Ireland. Some of these bars offer live music in Dublin while others are able to provide live entertainment in Dublin. Most of these bars are flooded with locals and tourists alike, dancing to the tunes and having the time of their lives. One of the best bars in the area that caters to all kinds of customers is the Trinity Bar which offers a lot more than what other bars can offer.

 Watch Sport at a Bar

Sports Bar Dublin these are three words that can be used together every time. The people of Ireland love sports and there is no better way to enjoy sports other than tagging along with your mates and watching your favorite game unfold in a sports bar, especially for tourists who are looking to witness the trademark Irish passion and flair.

Things Not to Do:

 Self Drive Your Way through the City

Dublin is a left hand drive, while this may not be as big a change for most people who travel from Europe, in Asia the drive in some countries is right hand and that may be a problem for these tourists to handle. On top of that, worrying about the drive and the state of the car should be the least of your worries on a holiday in a place like Dublin.

 Don’t for a Few days

Dublin has a lot to offer and you cannot cram all that up in a visit of a few days. If you are coming to Dublin for the holiday season make sure you take ample holidays to completely enjoy the vacation. For people looking to enjoy the city’s famed night life, all you need to do is take a trip to the Trinity Bar or the leading sports bar in Dublin called the Gastro Sports Bar. Contact us at call at 01-6794455.

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