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5 Dublin Bars Packed with Fun

Trinity sports bar is in the heart of Dublin city centre

Dublin is not known as the party capital of the world but it isn’t a long way short of that mantle either. The Temple Bar area for example is the most popular area in Dublin because it is loaded with a number of different regular and sport bars to savor. Most of the bars in the area are designed to cater to all kinds of customers be it European, Asian or American.

This blog aims to take a look at 5 of the best bars in Dublin which are packed with lots of fun (The restaurants are mentioned in no particular order).

1. Palace Bar

The Palace bar is one of the most famous bars in Dublin. Located on Fleet Street which is closer to the Temple Bar area, this bar is popular for its variety of drinks and dance. Despite being named the Palace, come night time people are struggling for space in the venue such is the overwhelming response of people. The place is considered the place to come to if you are looking for a day time drink.

2. Stag’s Head

The name of the bar is not the most welcoming. Not many people would turn up to the bar had the service and the drinks and the bar been like its name. Yet surprisingly the bar is one of the most commonly visited places in the city and it is easy to judge why. The bar is home to people from all walks of life from brokers to students to tourists all sitting together and taking sips of some of the best cocktails and beer pints available in Dublin.

3. Trinity Bar Venue

Trinity Bar Venue is one of the most accomplished bars in Dublin. Ranked amongst the best bars in Dublin, this bar has a whole lot of things to offer to its customers. The bar has a wide variety of beer, drinks and juices to quench a customer’s thirst. On top of that, the bar was one of the few to have live music in Dublin. This coupled with its menu card that features some of the most delicious decisions such as its beef burger have made them a must visit location for tourists to visit.

4. The Cobblestone

Talk about live music in Dublin and forget to mention Cobblestone that is impossible. The bar is known for its hipster like atmosphere, with a decoration of quirky art and cheap cool street art welcome the customer into the bar. The place is a great alternative to the hip and happening bars.

5. Dublin’s Premier Gastro Sports Bar

Any list of top bars in Dublin is incomplete without the mention of an up and comi9ng sports bar. The gastro sports bar is the most widely recognized bar in Dublin as far as sports viewing is concerned with the bar having a 150 inch ultra HD screen to watch the biggest of sporting action unfold.

The best pick amongst all of them for most tourists has been trinity bar venue. If you want to get your reservations or want to get in touch with the bar, contact us at calendar/or call at 01-6794455.

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