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Trinity Bar Venue: Your complete Guide

Trinity sports bar is in the heart of Dublin city centre

A holiday isn’t quite a holiday unless you have spent an evening filled with booze and your daily viewing of sport with a handful of passionate sport lovers. Dublin with the assortment of some of the best bars in Ireland is the place to be if you want to savor this experience.

Among the famous places to visit in the city of Dublin is the Temple Bay Area. The area is packed with some of the most famous bars and place in the city. Most of the city and the tourists flock to the area to make the most of their night life. One bar that stands out in the area is the Trinity Bar Venue. It is a bar that offers a range of past times from live music in Dublin to nights full of heavy partying. This piece takes a look at all that you can find at the Trinity Bar Venue on your next visit to Dublin.

Get In On the Action

Getting one’s day to day assortment of sports action is an integral part of enjoyment for most people. What’s a better way to make your sport viewing experience memorable than to spend it in a pub full of people that are as passionate about sports as you are. Trinity Bar Venue is regarded as the Premier Sports Bar in Dublin and it is easy to understand why. Tourists get a chance to watch 20 different sports on HD screens all the time.

Live Music

For most people, relaxation and holidaying is being able to listen to some of the finest music in Ireland. Trinity Bar Venue offers its visitors and tourists the chance to listen to some of the most rhythmic being played by some of the finest musicians of the area. What’s more important is that the live music is a regular fixture, allowing visitors the chance to listen to it at their convenience.

Drinks Delight

What’s a bar without its highlights of booze and cocktails? Trinity Bar Venue certainly takes all that into account. There are special nights such as a Thirsty Thursday night every week to offer its customers some of the best cocktail deals in the house. There is a reason that Trinity Bar is counted amongst the best bars in the country and its vast array of cocktails it seem has a special role to play in it.

Full of Flavor Food

The Irish are known to have some of the best flavors in food and it seems Trinity Bar is only taking that excellence up a notch or two. Recently the Burger available at Trinity Bar Venue was crowned among the 10 best burgers being served in Ireland. There is a large variety of foods available in bar, where tourists are able to savor the authentic taste of the traditional Irish foods in Dublin. Trinity Bar Venue is one of the many bars located on the Temple Bar area. Despite there being a number of bars located along the venue, this bar has featured regularly as one of the go to bars for tourists that visit the city of Dublin and the above features highlight why.

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