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Why try our Roast of the Day?


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We’re passionate about food at Trinity Bar Venue, and we know our customers are too! While many of you come in time and again for your menu favourites, like our award-winning Trinity Burger, or our popular Irish specialties like smoked salmon on our homemade Guinness bread, we like to keep things fresh with our Roast of the Day to offer you even more choice and value.

The benefits of roasting meats are things like flavour and tenderness. Slow roasting allows the meat to tenderise perfectly, giving us delicious cuts that melt in your mouth, by slowing breaking down the fibres in the meat. The flavour of a roast is second to none, as you’ll know if you’ve ever  craved your mum’s cooking on a Sunday evening!

Roasting a joint does take time and effort though, and making it at home isn’t always an option… So let us do the hard work for you! Book now to reserve your table, for a delicious roast every day of the week!

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