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What makes Dublin the Best Holiday Destination?


Did you know that recently Dublin is ranked among the top three places to visit in 2016? This is quite an achievement for a city that has been at the fore front of tourism for the last few decades. Dublin is one of the most sought after destinations in the world and it is easy to understand why with its plethora of sports bars in Dublin and an assortment of the best bars in Ireland.

Here is an outline of some of the reasons that make Dublin the Best Holiday Destination.

Lots of Castles

Ireland has witnessed some of the greatest monarchs in the world. There have been a number of different castles assembled throughout Ireland. Some of the finest of these are present in Dublin. These include the ones present at the Malahide sites as well as the great Dublin Castle. These castles are a great way to attract people who are buffs of history. These impressive pieces of yesteryear architecture are one of the reason people are willing to visit the area.

Fun Loving People

You can have the most stunning landscape in the world available at the cheapest of price to visit, but unless you have locals who are welcoming, your trip is unlikely to succeed Then people of Dublin much like Sports Bars in Dublin are welcoming to say the least. They are ready to help travelers every step of the way. They have a great sense of humor and are welcoming of people of all diversities irrespective of their ethnic or racial identifies.

The Picturesque Beaches

Nothing defines a holiday quite like a day at the beach. Looking into the sun, having the waves kiss your feet and running around in the sand, this is what a trip to the beach in all about. Dublin is home to some of the most stunning beaches, ready to welcome tourists a plenty. You can enjoy the beaches to the fullest in Dublin.

Delicious Cuisine

There are some people who savor a casual meal while having a stroll through the park, some who like exquisite Italian cuisine, others who want Michelin Stared dining and others that are looking for the soulful original Irish dishes. There is something for everyone in Dublin. You can find a wide range of traditional Irish food in Dublin as well as the most stunning of eateries and restaurants to add taste to your palate.

Affordable Luxury

The Temple Bay area is the heartland of the city. It is also known as the hub of entertainment especially its night life. Some of the best bars in Dublin such as Trinity Bar, etc. are located in this area. What is most heartening to see is that they are all affordable for the masses as well as the visiting tourist.

These are only some of the many reasons that make Dublin the city to visit that it is today. If you are looking to visit the Trinity Bar contact us at call at 01-6794455.

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