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Temple Bar: The heart of Dublin


There are seldom places in the world that are as beautiful as the city of Dublin in its entire entirety. Loaded with fun filled places to have a good time, there are opportunities to savor every step of the way in the city. Located on the South Bank of the River of Liffey, this area is often referred to as the heart land of Dublin.

One of the reasons for the area being categorized as such is the wealth of entertainment options that Temple Bar holds. Packed with option for music, sports and games, the heart land of Dublin is the place that adds spice to the lives of residents and tourists alike.

The Location

The location of the bar plays an important role in putting Tempa at the center of all things exciting about Dublin. With a picturesque placement on the South bank and being flanked either side by Westmoreland and Fishamble Street; it has often been marketed as the cultural epee center of the city of Dublin.

Being situated next to the river has helped Temple Bar thrive as a popular tourist destination. Tourists are eager to visit the area, because they are not only able to enjoy the rustling of winds along the shore, they can do so while sitting back and relaxing in one of the many top restaurants and bars.

What Does The Heart Land Hold?

Not every place in Dublin is known as the city’s heartland. There is only one place is called such and on evidence of it, the title has been earned. Apart from the wealth of top sports bars and recreational spots. The area is home to some of the more exciting cultural locations of the city. Some of the places that have attracted tourists over the years are highlighted below.

 The Ark Children’s Cultural Center

 The Irish film Institute

 The Central Bank of Ireland

 The Irish Stock Exchange

 National Photographic Archive

 Irish Photography Center.

What Makes the Area Popular?

The crown of being the most popular area in the city of Dublin is one that Tample Bar continues to wear with pride. This is not only aided by its billing as the cultural quarter of the city. Much of this fan fare and popularity comes as a result of the wealth of options of sports bars, restaurants, nightclubs available in the area.

From tourists who want to make the most of their holidays to people looking to watch sports with an enthralling and passionate audience at their side. The sports bards of Dublin cater to all kinds of tourists. Whether its people that are looking for Live Music in Dublin or those looking for Live Entertainment in Dublin, the heart land of Dublin beats for every tourist. Some of the best bars in the area include places such as Trinity Bar, Gastro Sports Bar, etc. Each of these bars and restaurants stay true to the tradition of the country and serve some of the finest cuisine in the area.

If you are in town and are ready to make the most of your time in the area, visit the Trinity Bar today. Either log on to the website call at 01-6794455.

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