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Explore the best of Dublin


A tourism destination needs to be a place that is able to capture a person’s imagination. The Irish city of Dublin certainly fits the bill. Unlike other cities in the country, Dublin is a mix of arts, history and architecture. On top of that, it has a distinct and unparalleled nightlife. To most people who visit the city, there is a bit of everything. There is a stunning beach to savor, beautifully designed gardens to walk into and delicious cuisines to enjoy. Dublin is the most popular city in Ireland and it is easy to understand why that is the case.

The Best Bars

The Irish are known for their resolve and commitment, but Dublin has made sure the Irish will also be known because of its hip and happening bars. The city is home to some of the Best Bars in Ireland. These include bars made next to the city center, at the heartland of the city known as Temple Bar or spread across the city.

Some of the best bars in the city include bars like the Trinity Bar, Temple Bar Inn, etc. These places are hot spots for tourists largely because of their commitment to fun, music, security and good food.

The Best Place to Watch Sports

Ireland is the place to be if you are a sports enthusiast and there is a big event coming up. Not everybody can go to the game. But with plenty of bars in Dublin, anybody that visits the city will be facilitated in one of the many sports bars in Dublin. The feeling you get when you watch a game filled with emotion in bar where people are as passionate as you are about the sport can be a treat.

Ireland in general and Dublin in particular has the unique quality of having people who are passionate about all kinds of sports. The Irish national team excels in Rugby, Football and Cricket. People there are passionate about all of these sports and you can experience the chance to witness the greatest sporting events coming up, for example the Rugby World Cup, the Euro Championship and the six nations.

The Best Food

Dublin is popular as a foodie heaven in Ireland. There are all kinds of foods available to enrich your palate. Some of the top foods from Italian to English to traditional Irish Food, Dublin has a number of restaurants that can cater to all kinds of dining experiences, be it casual or fine dining. One of the best burgers in Ireland for example is available at Trinity Bar which is located at the Temple Bay area. Often the best traditional Irish foods in Dublin which include battered sausages etc are commonly available in leading restaurants and food stalls.

Did you know that a number of magazines have declared Dublin the best city in Europe in terms of tourism? If you are looking to enjoy your stay in Dublin and most importantly enjoy the city’s famed night life, all you need to do is visit the Trinity Bar or the leading sports bar in Dublin called the Gastro Sports Bar.

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