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13 Top Facts About Rugby

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One of the very famous types of football, initially played at English public schools (in 18th century), is no other than the famous game itself now; Rugby. The game has evolved through times and the world cups at the interval of 4 years are witnessed to be among the top watched games in the world. The game that started at Rugby School in England is now famous in Ireland, Argentina, Australia, France, Scotland and South Africa along with various other nations dominating in the game.

There are rules pertaining to the game of course, but interestingly there are some facts which are rarely known about Rugby, such as:

1. The origin of Rugby game is known to be at Rugby School in 1823, but the event that made it an actual game was William Webb Ellis catching the ball and running with it during a football game.

2. The Oxford English Dictionary introduced Rugby in the dictionaries in the year 1852 officially.

3. The earliest rugby balls were plum shaped since they were made out of the pig bladder (hence sharing the shape).

4. The Rugby union is popular in Ireland, France, Britain, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa; but the game is played in more than 100 countries now.

5. The peculiar tradition of performing a war dance before the initiation of the rugby match, before the opponents, is carried out with the intention of intimidating the opponents. This is an ancient method and also allows the players to build up their psyche for the game as ferociously as that needed for a war.

6. The winner of the rugby world cup receives Webb Ellis Cup which is named after the inventor of the game.

7. Prior to 19th century, football was not the same sport that it is now played at school and each school had its own set of rules pertaining to the game. After the popularity of inter school matches, the variety of rules settled into Association football and Rugby football.

8. The rugby balls were made more in the spherical shape towards the end of 19th century when rubber was used to make the inner tubes and not the pig bladders.

9. Rugby school requested that the balls be slightly egg shaped to distinguish them from the balls used in football matches. Thus, the oval balls are said to be more suitable for the game.

10. The earlier rugby balls were made from pig bladder and they had to be blown by breath, the reason why people could fall sick and die by blowing balls made with diseased bladder (it is gross too).

11. The tradition of national anthem being sung before the commencement of a sporting event, started with the rugby game when New Zealand danced the ‘Haka’ and Wales responded to that by singing their national anthem in 1905.

12. The first rugby world cup tournament took place in the year 1987 and since then it takes place every four years.

13. The whistle used to kick off a rugby game is the same one first blown by Gil Evans in 1905 for a match between New Zealand and England.

“Beer and Rugby are more or less synonymous”- Chris Laidlaw.

And for that matter, Trinity Bar is the answer to the wish of many rugby fanatics in Dublin, Ireland who aspire to watch the matches on gigantic screens with the best beers in town. Along with that, you could treat yourself to traditional Irish food and enjoy every move of the match along with your friends.

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