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Surprising Benefits of Beer


Be it any season, the love of beer amalgamated with that of sports is a lethal combination. Trinity Bar, Dublin offers its customers just that; with live music throughout the week each night, along with splendid appetite enticing traditional Irish food, and not to miss out, some of the finest choices of wine and beer.

Beer, which is synonymous to joy and relaxation, has some of the surprising health benefits we are unaware of, such as:

1. Prevention from Kidney Diseases

If you’re afraid you might be prone to developing kidney stones, gulp down some beer; not only to ease your nerves but also to prevent from kidney diseases. The moderate consumption of beer is attributed to this health benefit as the high water content flushes away toxins from the kidneys, and avoids the storage of excess calcium in the kidneys that form stones.

2. Full of Vitamin B

A beer is rich in Vitamin B3, B6 and B9 which makes it a wonderful drink for those in dire need for these vitamins. The yeast is the ingredient in the beer which is rich in vitamin B and helps in cell repair, controls PMS and prevents cancer.

3. Beer manages Blood Pressure

Beer manages blood pressure, especially as compared to wine or other alcoholic beverages which cause the blood pressure to increase. However, to enjoy this benefit, the consumption has to be in moderation.

4. Prevention from Alzheimer’s disease

One of the most surprising benefits of beer is that it protects against the Alzheimer’s disease. It is actually the silicon content of the beer that helps protect the brain of an individual from high amounts of aluminum present in the body which deteriorate brain health leading to the Alzheimer’s disease. Also drinkers of beer are protected different cognitive impairments too.

5. Beer Reduces Stress

One of the significant and evident benefits of beer is that it reduces stress (why else would it be an all time favorite?). Beer is one of the stress busters and it is medically proven so. Not only that, consumption of beer also keeps the heart attacks at bay. Moderate consumption of beer can help reduce anxiety and control symptoms of depression.

6. Fights Against Dandruff

Do you have an itchy and flaky scalp? Maybe it’s not the costly hair treatment you require, pour down a beer bottle on your head in order to get rid of the nasty dandruff flakes. Beer is proven to be one of the anti dandruff agents due to the yeast and vitamin B content present in its ingredients that help shoo away the dandruff. Try it out to enjoy the smooth shine in your locks.

7. It Reduces Cholesterol

If you wish to protect your heart, prevent strokes, and manage cholesterol levels, a good dosage of beer is the key to do so. Beer helps manage cholesterol levels as it contains soluble fiber that helps lower cholesterol levels.

Cheers to beer for all the amazing benefits! Grab one and enjoy the taste and the advantages!

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