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Top Things to Do In Ireland


Imagine it is that time of the year when you’re planning a vacation, and of course with that, the question would pop in your head about ‘Where to go?’ And if Ireland is your answer, then let us take you on an exquisite journey of all the fun things to do in the beautiful and exotic land of Ireland to make your trip memorable and capture loads of pictures for your Instagram profile!

So when in Ireland, enjoy the Irish air by indulging in the following activities:

1. Live your dream of living in a castle

Ever dreamt about having the fairytale royal life for yourself? Get a taste by spending some time in one of the many castles in Ireland to delve in the mesmerizing air of the royalties. If budget is an issue, you could always visit the castles and take your sleeping bags along to camp at the abandoned castles.

2. Kayaking on Lough Hyne

The interesting thing about kayaking at Lough Hyne is that there are night kayaking sessions available, so all the night owls desperate to go for a joy ride in the wee hours must be elated to know of this option.

The abode to various animals and plants welcome the tourists to delve in the beautified marine experience.

3. Whale Watching

The sight is as pleasing as it sounds, whale watching at west Cork is an amazing experience for the tourists and natives alike. If summers are the time you’re planning a trip to Ireland, then it is also an ideal time for this activity.

4. Stargazing

Stargazing is a mesmerizing activity in itself no matter where it is. And if you are planning to visit Cork, a gorgeous city of Ireland, make sure you stop by for stargazing at the Blackrock Observatory for a wonderful experience.

5. The Irish Music Festival

The Irish music festival is unique as it brings along not only beautiful melodies to please the senses, but also the muddy experience awaits everyone. With the rainfall in summers every now and then, the tourists would experience the joy of getting covered with mud as a play in the festival along with the drinks gulped down; you’re in for a joy ride.

6. The Story Telling Festival

The storytelling festival at Cape Clear marks the well known fact about the Irish people that they are very good storytellers. Take a ferry from Baltimore to get to the tightly packed festival consisting of well endowed authentically Irish, story tellers and enjoy the cool September listening to the wondrous tales from all around the country.

And what good have you done to yourself visiting Ireland without experiencing the Irish delicacies? It is not new that Ireland is famous for the fine collection of wines and beer. If you happen to cross by

Dublin, pay a visit to one of the best bars in Dublin, Trinity Bar, which is situated at the heart of Temple Bar, and enjoy the live music with traditional Irish food and drinks.

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