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Top 5 Restaurants Places To Find Authentic Traditional Irish Food


The taste of the Dubliners is turning to be more sophisticated, as they are not inspired merely by the tastes but also the aroma and the presentation, which is a delight for the eyes. If you do not know the town well, you can still stalk the best Irish nosh in the city, if you have a good nose and you understand food. The following is a list that has been narrowed down to the top five, considering the preferences of Dubliners and the authentic taste of the traditional Irish food of Ireland.

Trinity Bar Venue, Dublin

Trinity Bar Venue is located in the heart of the Temple Bar making it one of the major tourist attractions. This sports bar not just complies with the taste of traditional Irish food in Dublin, but it also provides an environment full of energy and excitement for the sports lovers. The very famous “Bangers and Mash” on their menu cannot be just tried once. You can feel the explosion of complex yet authentic and traditional Irish flavours in your mouth that will force you to revisit this place again.

The Pepper Pot

Being located in the midst of the historical street and a beautiful period building would alone convince you to pay it a visit. It is a place where you may shed all your post-shopping stress by grabbing its delicious menu and ordering some of the best dishes offered in Dublin. The Pepper Pot in order to maintain the traditional Irish taste offers limited items on its menu, but it ensures that there is no compromise on the taste and freshness of the ingredients. The scrumptiously Guinness and pumpkin bread, served with cream cheese is a must try.

The Pig’s Ear

The Pig’s ear is one of the city’s finest places that offer high quality contemporary Irish food. The top chef of the restaurant was awarded the Michelin Bib Gourmand in the year 2008 and has maintained this honour ever since. The restaurant is known for taking the traditional Irish dishes and presenting it with a modern twist. Their “Slow cooked pig belly served with maple” is what brings back the long lost taste of the traditional Irish food delicacies.

O’Neills Pub

O’Neills Pub standing right in the centre of Dublin presents a menu that matches the traditional taste of the Dubliners. They have been serving the customers for 300 years now. The menu at O’Neills Pub has started giving concession to modernity. If you entered the restaurant with an appetite, then you will be satisfied with a high nutrient and traditional lunch.


While the shop expands to four floors, the food at Avoca is a real treasure. The staples offered at Avoca can be enjoyed at its crest, if you are lucky enough to reserve the table on its top floor. The place offers a perfect amalgam of traditions and modernity. The place is famous for serving potato cakes, pies, soups, and salads, while maintaining the tastes of the traditional delicacies.

If you want to experience the original taste of the contemporary Irish cuisine, check the menu of Trinity Bar Venue at

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