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Interesting Benefits of Wine


While one would enjoy a lavish drink at a fancy bar and come home with a hangover having consumed too much of it, people often regret and dread this situation keeping in view all the negative connotations associated with wine.

However, to everyone’s surprise; wine has some amazing health benefits people rarely know, which obliges us to share; for the love of drink!

1. The Protector of Thy Heart!

It might come as a surprise for many, but among various benefits of drinking wine, one of it is that it protects the health of human heart. And with the prevalence of heart diseases, it is highly important to gulp down your favorite drink in appropriate portions (excessive drinking is nowhere near being beneficial to health) in order to protect your heart from damage. The antioxidants play the role of fat burners which do not let excess fat block the arteries thus preventing strokes.

2. Healthy Teeth

Remember what they used to say that about your beloved chocolates back in childhood, that they cause tooth decay? Well, they can’t say it about your favorite wine since it actually helps prevent tooth decay. All the more reason to consume healthy portions of wine for it hardens the teeth enamel which also reduces the gum inflammation. Keep flashing the shiny smiles for the unending charms!

3. No need to Pop the Pimples

Thanks to wine which contains antioxidants that prevent breakouts so there is no need to have the stress of waiting for them to heal or pop them in impatience. Now you know why you always wondered about the secret of the flawless beauties drinking by the bar?

4. Defeat the Depression

In a battle with depression, wine has been proven to help people combat the blues. The people with a diet regimen consisting of two to seven glasses of wine per week were found to be at a lower risk of depression and anxiety disorders.

5. Lowered Diabetes Risk

Wine helps in reducing the risk of diabetes in both genders. The resveratrol present in the wine helps balance insulin sensitivity and thus reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.

6. The Fat Burner

It could be called the treadmill in a glass since wine helps people lose fat quick and in a healthy manner. The ellagic acid which is found in grapes slows the growth of fat cells which helps prevent formation of new ones rapidly. Also, it gives a kick start to the metabolism which also helps in managing weight loss and escalating the process.

And just when you think about how amazing it would be to grab a glass of wine yourself while learning about the benefits, be it about being smarter or the slowed aging process. Trinity Bar serves some of the finest selections of wine and beer in Dublin. So if the dire need to consume a glass to see how it illuminates your grin, consumes you; go ahead with a drink or two at one of the best bars in Dublin, Ireland.

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