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What does Your Choice of Wine Say about You?


If you are a wine fanatic and have known the finer tastes to distinguish the quality and the type of wine, it would be an amazing thing to do at most events serving novel alcoholic beverages. But add about the choice of the wine we make, which says about our personality and you could be the cool palm reader in any group! Here is what your choice of wine says about you:

1. Merlot

Easy is a synonym for Merlot, and so it defines you as this drink is your all time favorite. You are an easy going person who makes friends in no time. It wouldn’t be a difficult thing for you to host parties at your place (and serve Merlot perhaps?). You’re harmonious and are ready for new experiences.

2. Chardonnay

The refreshing shade of lime and yellow which the drink has reflects in you since you have a vibrant streak in you. You could easily wear your heart on your sleeve and not a bit be embarrassed by it. You might not be expressive at times but you are very much certain in your own mind about your likes and dislikes.

3. Champagne

And did it occur to you ‘who doesn’t like champagne?’ because you’re head over heels in love with it like many other are. And about you, you clearly enjoy the fine things in life with an amazing taste and choice of material requisites. You just need the slightest excuse to celebrate the happiness in life. With the bubbly nature, you could conquer many hearts at a time and that is the reason you’re surrounded by people at all times.

4. Pinot Noir

Fresh elegant yet full of mystery and a total challenge for those you date, you are like the Pinot Noir which could take to different journeys in just one sip. You are a unique blend of sweetness with spiciness that leaves the charmed ones wondering what would be the next move of yours. Comfort is one of your priorities too along with taking over people with your charms.

5. Shiraz

You are full of grace and poise yet you wouldn’t mind throwing the rules out of the window if charged. You would love to go for a scenic place rather than a crowded high tech one, but would be moving with times as well. You wouldn’t accept lamer excuses and laugh at jokes only when you find them funny which might make you a difficult person to please. You might also have a sarcastic bone which could be very interesting.

So once you’ve acknowledged what your favorite type of wine says about you, you might be in dire need to grab one and enjoy it to the last sip counting on all the personality traits you possess. Trinity bar Venue Dublin gives you the opportunity to do just that, and not only that; with delicious food, live entertainment and music along with wide screening of rugby matches; this could be the place for ultimate relaxation after a hectic week.

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