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Why Watching a Sports Game in a Bar is Better

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There’s seems to be a never ending debate when it comes to watching a live game in person, going to a sports bar, and watching live matches at homes. While some may say that watching a game in person is the best experience ever, others prefer the peripheral benefits available at sports bars in Ireland. Then there are also some who enjoy the convenience of binge watching football, rugby, and other sports on the couch.

While nothing compares to the view from the stadium, the atmosphere and experience you get in the best sports bars can really make great memories. So before you think about calling your entourage to your place for the Champions League match day, consider these three reasons to watch the matches in a sports bar in Dublin.

Some of the best sports bars in Ireland provide a dynamic live sports experience to its patrons and regulars. If your favorite team is not on the biggest screen, you will still be able to watch them live on HD TVs around different areas in most bars.

Friendly bartenders, waitresses, and other staff with good banter will definitely make your experience sublime. As the crowd cheers and jeers with every passing minute, you’ll feel the intensity of the game. Don’t be surprised with live music during halftime or the DJ dropping beats each time a team scores. The atmosphere is electric to say the least!
Booze & Food

The beauty of sports bars in Dublin is that you get to enjoy the finest alcohol, beer, stout, and ale with irresistibly good food. While stadiums are drastically improving in providing an engaging experience to the attendance, they still can’t compete with the top sports bars in Ireland.
Some sports bars are open during the day and provide great lunch meals from your favorite fish and chips to lamb shanks. Order some fine Guinness to wash the meal down, or binge watch the late night games with light snacks.

Whether you are a reserved or a social person, a sports bar will always meet your expectations. If you love sports, you will definitely find someone who shares your interests and before you know it, you will be talking about formations and the style of play of different teams and players.
Going to a sports bar is a lot like going to a party in the stadium. While the games are the center of attention, you will likely strike all kinds of conversations with fellow patrons. Be it some friendly hackling of the opponent team’s supporter after your team scores a goal, discussing the sport in detail, or some friendly talk with the bartender, the conversations are what makes a sports bar happening.
Come Join Us on Match Day

If you’re looking for a sports bar in Dublin that is upbeat, has the best food and drinks, and offers a totally immersive experience, then visit Trinity Bar & Venue at Temple Bar on match day. Enjoy the best burgers and drinks with the hippest sports crowd while watching your favorite sport on an ultra HD 150-inch screen plus 20 dedicated TVs for other live games!

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