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Things to do in Dublin’s Nightlife

Trinity sports bar is in the heart of Dublin city centre

Dublin has one of the most vibrant nightlife in Europe and is widely regarded as one of the youthful and upbeat cities with nearly 50% of the population under the age of 25. Dublin is famous for its live music scene in popular venues and streets and also has a budding population of late night moviegoers.

In simple words, Dublin has a lot to offer when you’re strolling on the streets at night, especially during the holiday season. Whether you are an avid foodie, a party freak, a sports fan, or a social bee, you will definitely have a great time when exploring the nightlife of Dublin. Here is a brief overview of the things you can do in Dublin when the sun goes down and we enter the wee hours of the night.
North of the River

Not everyone is looking for a wild and loud night out here in Dublin. If you are looking for a quieter place and want to experience live entertainment in Dublin, then Northside is the ideal place. Just cross the Millennium Bridge on foot and you will enter one of the most beautiful parts of town. Here you can enjoy wine tasting and Italian bars and indulge in the most authentic and traditional Irish food in Dublin. It is also home to GUBU, the funky bar that caters to the gay community and the Blue Note where you can relive blues, jazz, and soul music.
Stephen’s Green and Baggot Street

Looking for a true local pub experience? Then head down to the Baggot Street area and you will find some to get a taste of what the local Dublin nightlife is like. The Doheny and Nesbitts are quite popular among the locals and quite busy during the weekends. O’Donoghue’s is a great place for live music that is served as the stomping ground for The Dubliners and other musicians to make it big out of Ireland. If you are looking for an outdoor drinking venue, the Larry Murphys is a good place along Baggot Street for tourists.

Temple Bar

Last but definitely the most happening of all the nightlife destinations in Dublin is the Temple Bar. The Temple Bar is a designated area for clubs, bars, pubs, and lounges where the cream of the crop of Dublin arrive and get the party started. Temple bar is home to some of the biggest venues for live entertainment and live music in Dublin, and also has one of the best sports bar in Ireland, the Trinity Bar & Venue.

Trinity Bar & Venue is an immersive sports bar where you get to watch live football, rugby, tennis, and other major sports in the best way possible – on an ultra HD 150-inch screen! Not just that but you get to enjoy some of the finest Guinness Ireland has to offer and the best burger in the country, according to Ireland Journal. If you’re looking for a complete nightlife experience, then book a date with Trinity Bar & Venue this weekend!

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