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Rugby 101 for a Newbie

argentina vs ireland rugby world cup

The 2015 Rugby World Cup may be over, but it will be remembered as one of the biggest sporting events in recent history, on par with the 2014 FIFA World Cup. We’re now in the 6 Nations Rugby Union season, and if you have an interest in the sport but are not really familiar with the rules, now’s a good time to get into it!
Rugby is possibly the simplest complex game that you will watch. A rugby game lasts 80 minutes and is divided into equal halves. It’s a team sport with one team running with the ball while the other team defending its ground until the offense loses the ball or scores. While we’re not going to dive deep into the rules and regulations of rugby, we will give you a brief overview of the basic rules to help you enjoy watching rugby without asking a lot of questions.
Basic Rules

Forward Pass – The ball cannot be passed forward or dribbled. The only two ways to make the ball move forward is by carrying it forward or by kicking it. Hence, passes are either backwards or lateral. If not, then the opposite team gets scrum.
Scrum – Scrum is basically that thing you see where players of one team mush together in a blob. This is when eight forward players bind together of which three are in the front, four in the middle, and one at the back. Once the formation is made, they push forward, hoping the ball comes out from the back of the scrum.
Tackling – There are three rules in tackling:
-No tackling around the neck

-No pile driving the opponent’s head to the ground

-Tacking should be done with both hands and shoulders
Ruck – When a player is tackled with the ball, the player is supposed to release it. After that, a ruck is formed and the two teams will fight for the ball’s possession. Some basic rules of ruck include staying on your feet, entering the ruck from the side of field, and not touching the ball unless it is outside the ruck or secured by one team.
Scoring – The goal in rugby is to score a ‘try’, and there are limitless ways of doing so. However, most of them involve the ball crossing the goal line and touching the ground. So one try equals to 5 points, and the scoring team gets a chance to kick the ball off the ground for additional two points.

Where to Watch?

Now that you are familiar with the basic rules of rugby, why not enjoy some of the sport at a premier sports bar in Ireland. If you are looking for the best bars in Dublin to catch live rugby games, enjoy some drinks and tasty food, and strike conversations with likeminded individuals, then head down to the Trinity Bar & Venue today!
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