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Myths about Wine Busted


An advocate against wine? Sorry for the information explained below. An avid drinker? Welcome to the club which marks success at finding the myths about wine that should be busted in order to gulp down few more glasses of that refreshing chardonnay.

There have been myths about wine from its temperature to its consumption and what not, which turns out to be untrue in some of the cases, which would most probably leave the wine lovers in a state of awe. Here are few of the wine myths busted:

Myth #1: It should be Served Ice Cold

It is a common misconception ingrained in the minds of almost every drinker that the wine should be served ice cold. The truth is, it is a wrong way to consummate the relationship with the wine without the grandeur of its flavor and aroma. The packed molecules of ice cold wine do not let the drinker devour the originality of taste, which is what they seek for. Serving it at a room temperature and slightly cool (refrigerated) to make it tasteful is a perfect option.

Myth #2: It Would Give You Headaches

Red wine is not the monster that would appear fancy and tease your nerves later. It is an alcoholic beverage and should be treated like one, which is consumed in moderation. The alcohol actually causes dehydration which causes headaches if it is drunk in large quantities and that too without the help of water gushing down your throat to hydrate yourself.

Myth #3: The Screw caps Mean Inferior Quality of Wine

The only thing that means inferior quality of wine is the wine itself. You get to know it when you taste it. But simple judging one by the cap does not make sense except for sounding like a mere stereotype. The truth is that screw caps are used instead of corks by some brands to seal the bottle and not let the wine be exposed to oxygen present in the air seeping in it. However this may not be the case with every wine type, it is also not a fact that screw caps mean cheaper wine.

Myth #4: The Older The Better

You know it before you’re legal to drink; the older a wine is the better it would be in taste and quality. Little is it known, that it is a myth after all. It actually depends on the wine but factually speaking the recently found 150 year old wine tasted horrible. Wines do have a certain period of time when could act at their best, know it and cease it!

And when you know that sparkling wine isn’t necessarily champagne and there is no point avoiding boxed wine thinking it’s cheap, its time you must have started to crave for some yourself. And if by luck you’re searching for an amazing bar to serve you the choicest quality of wine and other drinks, Trinity Bar is one of the finest options around. Situated in the heart of Temple Bar, Trinity Bar never fails its 
customer whether in terms of food, wine, music or entertainment.

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