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23 Fun Facts About Beer


One of the most consumed drinks (after water and coffee, of course) is the favorite of many people worldwide (and why wouldn’t it be, for it is the life of any party) is Beer. And just the mention of the drink brings a sunny bubbly image in the mind of an avid drinker of beer. What is more than the taste of the drink itself are the cool facts that many people miss out (who would remember any facts while gulping down glass after glass of beer on a stag night?).

However, it is always great to know the interesting information and facts about the beer which is consumed 23 gallons per year by an average American.

1. Light is what makes the beer go bad; so beware.

2. Beer contains proteins and carbohydrates (Do I need kidney beans for the dinner?)

3. Beer brewing is said to be dating to the times as old as those of nomadic tribes cultivating grains and farming.

4. In Amsterdam, the alcoholics are paid for cleaning the streets of the city and the wages are in the form of beer (who else is looking for a job?)

5. Beer is one of the world’s oldest prepared beverages (dates back to about 9500 BC).

6. Brewmeister’s ‘Snake Venom’ is the strongest beer with 67.5% alcohol by volume.

7. The consumption of beer reduces the risk of developing kidney stones.

8. ‘Zythology’ is the term officially scientific for the study of beer and making of. It has Greek origin, with ‘Zythos’ meaning Beer and ‘Logy’ means study.

9. The world’s costliest beer is Belgian’s “Vielle Bon Secours’. The price is around $1000.

10. There are approximately 400 types of beers in the world and Belgium offers the maximum variety.

11. The ancient Babylonians would drown a person as a punishment for making bad beer.

12. Censollicaphobia is the phobia (fear) of an empty beer glass (the beer lovers can perhaps relate to this completely).

13. The first ever professional brewers of beer were known as ‘brewesters’ and were all women. Added to that, they had to be very beautiful to qualify for the task.

14. Egyptian pyramid workers received beer (1 gallon per day) as their wages.

15. Marijuana is the cousin of beer. The beer hops and marijuana plant share the same family.

16. Beer helps prevent decline cognitive decline.

17. Beer also helps preventing cardiac arrests and other diseases.

18. Until 2013, beer wasn’t considered an alcoholic beverage in Russia.

19. Finland conducts wife carrying championships and the first prize is beer that too in wife’s weight. The more the merrier.

20. Africa has a beer brand which is brewed from bananas.

21. Argentina has various brands of beer according to the political parties (each having its own brand).

22. The beer’s foamy head tells about the quality of the drink. The absence of the foamy head of the beer tells that the beer is bland and flat.

23. Beer contains silicon which increases calcium deposits in the bones; hence, it strengthens the bones.

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