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Top Food Items to Eat While Watching Sports

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What is the one thing that is common amongst all sports fans? Well, for one, we all enjoy food while watching live football, rugby, tennis, or any other sport. There is something oddly satisfying about eating while watching sports, which makes the combination magical. Add to that some good beers and you probably won’t need anything else in your life until the match is over.

One of the best ways to satisfy your tummy while watching live action is going to a sports bar in Ireland. The best bars in Dublin will be able to cater to you with tasty appetizers, fulfilling main course meals, and sweet desserts while you watch football on the big screen.

However, choosing the best foods for sports can be a challenge as you don’t want to move your eyes to the plate while a team launches a counterattack. Thankfully, Trinity Bar & Venue has that figured out for you with our top 10 list of food items you should definitely have while watching sports.


Irish Fish Cakes – Usually served with sweet chili sauce and salad, Irish fish cakes are the perfect snacks that you can enjoy with friends while watching sports.

Roasted Potato – Dublin makes some of the best varieties of the always tasty roasted potatoes. Do try them with bacon, cheddar, and sour cream.

Crispy Chicken Wings – Something about eating chicken wings on your couch or in a bar while your eyes are transfixed on the match makes them all the more tasteful.

Fish and Chips – Let’s face it! We all love fish and chips and there’s just no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy one of the traditional Irish food in Dublin when you’re with your mates rooting for your team.

Burgers – We also have the most awesome burgers in the whole country. Dublin has really stepped up its burger game and at most venues, you won’t have to worry about the coleslaw and sauces falling off your burger as your eyes are locked on each movement on the screen.

Tuna Wrap – Tuna wraps are great. They’re small, easy to bite on, taste good, and you can always have one more after your favorite team scores!

Enchiladas – Or, you can try beef enchiladas that are becoming quite common in most sports bars in Dublin.

Club Sandwiches – Have a group of friends with you? Get a few club sandwiches and you’ll have a light, tasty snack to go with the game.
Dessert & Drinks

Cheesecake – Who doesn’t love cheesecake? You’ll be amazed to see the variety in cheesecake that Dublin has to offer.

Stout – Food and sport go hand in hand in Dublin because they are bonded together by stout. No live match is over until you wash down what you ate with a bottle of Guinness!

Want to know where you can get the best traditional Irish food in Dublin? Head to Trinity Bar & Venue today, the premium sport bar in Ireland to watch live sports games, enjoy great food, and booze from some of the best collections of drinks you can find!

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