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A Bar and Steak Goes Hand In Hand

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Ever wondered what would be the best day of your life? Or how the ultimate happiness would look like? Here’s what we think. Happiness is a steak in one hand and a drink in other. Why not double the happiness by having a very deliciously done steak in one hand and an exquisitely flavored drink in the other?

Let us introduce you to a sports bar in Dublin that has live music every night, traditional Irish foods for you, high quality HD screens and drinks that will have you craving for more and more. All you need to do is head over to the Temple Bar and have a fun day in Trinity Bar Venue.

One of the most fun experiences (among many) in this gastro pub bar is consuming its special steak on the stone with a drink that is a dream within itself. Have a Prime Irish fillet Steak or a flat iron steak and a whiskey of your own choice to go with it. Mouthwatering, right? And if you are planning on a party then book up your reservation, ask the amiable staff to set up the place and make your guests swoon over the delicious meal. A food is a way to anyone’s heart, so why not go around winning hearts? Throw a party for your colleagues in this place, call your boss too. Maybe it will earn you an early promotion.

Don’t forget, this is a sports Bar and any sports enthusiast is definitely going to spend the entirety of the game time in here. If you are among those, then you will definitely be planning to have a meal here. Fill up your stomach with the steak on stone and whiskey and go home with a glow of victory and good food on your face.

You might not have thought of it this way before, but food is the perfect way to win back your loved ones. We all make mistakes and some of our mistakes might have made someone mad at you. Know an amazing way to make it up to them? Take them to dinner, order a delicious place of steaks and glass full of whiskey and watch them slowly fall in love with the food, and of course with you too. It’s definitely hard to stay mad at someone, when that certain someone just introduced you to a mouthwatering plate of delectable food.

Sometimes you just don’t want the night to end. In most places, food means the end of the night. Not at Trinity Bar venue though. When you just don’t feel like heading home, you can always head over to the dance area. With live music playing and you slow dancing to it, the night just gets much more special. Or if you are the jumping, active and enthusiastic kind of a person then you could even have your fill of rock and pop music and could tire yourself to a peaceful bout of sleep.

But then, since when do even need a reason to have eat when there’s a perfectly delicious platter of food right within our reach? Never! So whatever your reasons might be, or lack thereof, visit the Trinity Bar Venue and have a taste of this delicious cuisine.

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