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Gastro Pub Bar for the Sports fanatics

big screen Trinity sports bars Dublin

Annoyed at people talking while your game is going on? Or couldn’t get your kids to quiet down long enough for you to watch the last goal? And worst of all, are there so many people crowding at your home that every now and then people keep stepping between you and your Television? And do you have a wide variety of beverages at your beck and call or your favorite food just few orders away? No?

Then what are you doing at home during such an important game night when a perfectly comfortable Sports bar is waiting for you with none of the above mess and only the best arrangements for you to enjoy your game?

Trinity Bar Venue is one of the best sports bar in Dublin, Ireland. Situated in the midst of Temple Bar it is the best source of live entertainment for every adult in the vicinity. It has all varieties of food, from traditional Irish food to the most scrumptious burgers in town. It is not only food that this bar has pat down to perfection but the varieties of drinks and beverages this pub has to offer is not lacking either.

A large 15 inches ultra HD screen will give you an experience worth living again and again, and not just one but 20 screens are spread all around the bar so there is not a single chance that you’ll miss any action (unless your favorite players are making some cringe worthy move and you don’t want to watch it). Something that will make this bar a much better place for a game than any other place is the fact that it will be filled with people who are as enthusiastic about their sports–if not more– than you.

You won’t look like a fool shouting at the top of your lungs and yelling encouraging words to the athletes. In fact the sports devotees all around your will be doing exactly the same thing. If you want to experience the true and rare experience of watching the games then check out the schedule right now and plan your day in advance. After all when it’s game day, everything else should be put to hold.

This sports bar will not disappoint you any day, whether it’s super bowl game that you are looking forward to or the Six Nations Champion league that you are eagerly waiting for, Trinity bar has it all covered and the entire series of both the games will be played. This bar will give you a chance to find many other sports fans like you, and the only thing that makes a game even more fun is watching it with your friends who share the same passion. Friendly bets during game, passionate arguments over fries enjoying the atmosphere during intermission and of course celebrating over drinks is what makeswatching a game in Trinity Bar Venue much more fun then watching it at home, and we all know how much fun that is.

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