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The Perfect Weather for Some Irish Food

Come eat a delicious Guinness pie at Trinity Gastro pub

The weather of Ireland might be as unpredictable as a charging rogue elephant, it’s cold one day and blazing hot the other, it’s raining one day and sunny the other. What always stay the same are the tasteful and delightful traditional Irish cuisines. No matter what kind of weather it is, every day is perfect for Irish food.

Trinity Bar venue is well aware of it and hence every traditional item is a part of their menu from main course like Beef Stew to drinks like Guinness, Trinity Bar Venue is prepared to curb your cravings for Irish delectable’s and speaking of traditional delectable’s, lets learn a few things about the history of Ireland involving food:

1. Meat:

Ireland and its culture is knee deep in myths, folklores and legends and what stays in the midst of all these fairytales is food. One of the most famous traditions of Ireland is the Eating and dancing festivities involving the four Celtic Festivals. The Celts were believed to prepare their meat by roasting or making a stew out of it, the tradition of which continues to the present day. The feast in the old days was characterized mainly by meat, boiled and roasted.

2. Potato Famine:

The worst famine that ever occurred in Europe was one in the 19th century. And it was not due for natural conditions either. Irish people were rather fond of potatoes and when their consumption increased, it got to the point where it caused a famine. The rural population was depending greatly on potatoes and the rest of the Ireland was not far behind and the ones that were left got rotted in the field because of the unusual moist weather of Ireland exactly at the time of potato shortage.

3. Soups:

Cauldron was invented by the Irish, it was a large pot with three legs that used to hang over the fire and the contents were simmered non-stop within it. Cauldron cooking usually meant a mixture of many ingredients left to cook together for a long time, and the end result was usually a stew. Herbs and vegetables were combined in the cauldron or a variety of shellfish were all added in the cauldron to make a sea food stew.

4. Breads:

Grains in the form of bread or porridge were also widely consumed. The most common of them was oat which was usually turned into oat cakes. Oat is also very suitable for Irish climate and oat meal was a major part of their diet. The most common bread that was consumed by Irish was bread made with the mixture of rye and what flour and was called Maslin. The crumbs of Oat breads were also used to add in the stews and soups being cooked over cauldron.

To this day Irish people has done well to keep their tradition going, and not just for the sake of culture but also because the food was worth keeping alive. If you are fascinated with the history of traditional Irish cuisine and want to taste it yourself then visit the Trinity bar Venue located in the Temple bar and enjoy the cuisine.

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