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Catch the Action of the Six Nations Championships in Dublin This Year



Yet another year begins, and for us, that means only one thing – time for one of the most awaited football championships!

The six nations of England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales are once again all set to go face to face in the exciting rugby games. The people of Ireland don’t want anything more than their country to win again. And is there a better place to watch your own players take over the field than in a sport pub surrounded by your fellow Irish countrymen?

A little suggestion for the tourists; if they want to see the real Irish spirit all in one place, then head over to a sports bar during a Six Nations game and you will the firsthand experience of Irish sports fanatics at their best. Get the raw experience of excitement fueled by incomparable beer and mouthwatering traditional Irish cuisines in no place other than the best Sports bar in Dublin, Ireland. Watch the thrilling game without all those annoying intrusions from monotonous ads or mind numbingly long half- times. It will just be you and your 30 muscular un-armored Europeans ramming heads every weekend till the end of the championship.

The only place to watch the six nations champion ship game is a pub, but let’s save you the trouble of facing the excruciating task of finding yourself a bar well suited to your liking. Just get in your car and head over to the Temple Bar and in its heart you will find Trinity Bar Venue, one of the best and finest bar in Dublin, Ireland.

The old sports fans need no explanation of how a rugby game goes, or more specifically, how a nail-biting rugby game goes. Even the new sports devotees will find themselves at the edge of their seats, and the excitement will get ten folds more when you have right in front of your eyes a big plasma HD ultra screen, the biggest one in all of Dublin. With people shouting and yelling their commands so loudly that it’s actually hard to believe that the players on the screen cannot hear them. The suspense might just be too much. The winner that walked away with Six Nations Championships 2015 was Ireland and the people of Ireland needs nothing much than to get the championship in their country again. Free up your schedule now for the days are numbered and before you know it you’ll have the six nation’s game right down the alley.

So if you are looking for a sports bar to watch all the games in their entirely at one comfortable place, then look no further. Step into Trinity Bar Venue, Dublin premier’s gastro sports bar and discover whether Ireland will be able to snag the trophy again and make it three times in a row?

Look up the schedule for the Six Nations Championship and plan your work ahead because this excitement is worth living. Your bar for the championships has been decided just make sure that you get there, for you don’t want to miss the electrifying games of Six Nations championship 2016.

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