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Let’s Be Fine On This Valentine


Valentine’s Day is only a few days away and like any good and organized planner, you should start planning a fun time on this day. Either you have a special someone you want to treat on this day or if you are by your good old single self. A valentine’s day asks for celebration and you deserve to have one, or you could give other’s a chance to celebrate one by throwing a party of your very own. If you are the kind of a person who likes to celebrate among your few close ones, then have a quiet and lavish dinner.

And some Valentine’s Day make you just drink and well drink, in that case, who are we to judge? Just make sure that while you are drinking, you deserve to drink special and tasteful beverages. All of these things could be done in one place and that is the Trinity Bar venue. This sports bar is one of the best in Dublin, Ireland. So if you are a confused individual who wants to do some celebrating on this day but is unsure of exactly what to do, then here are some ideas. And don’t think you are alone; the friendly and skillful staff of this gastro pub bar will help you achieve it all.

1. Food:

Food is one of the main factor of any party, and like any other party, Valentine’s Day celebration also deserves its own special treats on this day. Trinity bar Venue offers special food items on this day and it is presented in not your everyday, but in a specialized menu card made especially for the occasion.

2. Props:

Party without props is hardly a party at all. On this day the bar is filled with all the custom made valentine’s props, from heart shaped balloons to, customized red glasses with mini hearts all over it, polka dots table covers and classic pink streamers, and of course a beautiful backdrop for the pictures and some selfies.

3. Games:

What adds a little twist and drama to all this celebration is a set of interesting games, planned exclusively for this event. The games involving valentines is not lacking by any means, word search games, valentine’s Tic Tac Toe Hearts, Valentine’s day count down and Yahtzee are just some of the games, that will make valentines fun and even family friendly.

4. Gifts:

Plan special gifts for your valentine, your parents and your siblings, it’s a day of love and what symbolizes love better than gifts? Plan gifts that are valued rather than the ones that are valuable. Make the gifts a part of the game so even that will be remembered days after.

There are many more things that you can do in order to make your valentine’s day special. The Trinity Bar Venue has a special area set just for the private parties so you don’t have to worry about strangers raining on your parade or if you believe in the more the merrier philosophy then be a part of the public celebration on Valentine’s Day along with everyone and toast a few drinks with your new friends.

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