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Get Your Game Face On!


Sports fans might only find their common ground at a sports bar, or more specifically, in the Trinity Bar Venue. The round of craft beers will be at your beck and call, and with extraordinary lightening playing in the bar while your favorite athletes play on the ultra HD screen, you’ll find your game spirit going several notches up. In fact, people who are not even sports fans will find themselves caught up in the game due to the enthusiastic environment created by the sport lovers.

The wait for the game to start will not be boring as it is known to be when we are sitting at our couch back home and waiting for the game to finally start. The chances of getting bored at this bar are zero. With everyone just as enthusiastic as the next person, it won’t be too late before you find someone exactly like you, or maybe someone who is rooting for the opposite team. New people to talk, and live music being played,– before you know it, the game will have already begun.

Enjoy the duration of the game with drinks in hand, or if it’s too early for the beer, then order your favorite Irish pub food, fish and chips or delectable burgers. You could always have the special steak on stone by the Trinity Bar Venue too and have your fill before getting your hand on the beer.

What makes watching the game here even more interesting is that there’s not one but several screens located all around the bar, so if you want to have a change of company or want to get up to order food, don’t worry; you won’t miss a single shot or any move made by the players. The banter and friendly wagers among the fellow sports devotees adds even more buzz to the already excited pub full of sports junkies.

Catch the action and watch the game play by play on the 150 inch large creen that will make you feel like a spectator sitting at the front row of the live game. This sports bar in Ireland sure knows its way around the traditional Irish drink “The Guinness”. A whisk of the drink will take anyone straight to the heavenly feeling with the cold and strong flavor of blackcurrant. If anyone knows all about their drinks, it is the Irish.

So who needs any more reason to visit this pub for their next game night? Known for its pub crawl,Ireland has lots of options to choose from but this one situated in the heart of Temple Bar will give you the best game experience known to mankind. With its friendly staff and quick service, this bar becomes a favorite and regular hangout of people on their first visit. Frequented by mature adult businessmen and the college crowd alike, this pub is filled with energy and allows everyone to get comfortable at once. Check out the next game and get your game face on! Your game shirt on! And get ready for an unforgettable night.

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