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Valentines Night Out In Dublin


Legend has it that St. Valentines was beheaded on 14th February in the 3rd century, but we all look at this day as the symbol of love rather than a sad finale. People all around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day, the second most popular holiday after Christmas in which the highest number of greeting cards is sent by people to their loved ones.

As the end of the year draws close, the anticipation for the New Year and the fast approaching Valentine’s Day is just beginning. Soon, Cupid is going to get very busy. Whether you are single or you don’t believe in love, there something special to do for everyone on this day. So get ready to get the time of your life and spend Valentines Night out in one of Dublin’s finest bars.

Most people want to do something special on this day but waste it at home since they aren’t aware of all there is to do in the city. Dublin is one of the best places to have an extraordinary V-Day experience and without having to spend too much money. Spend the day in Dublin with these activities and bring your partner to the Trinity Bar Venue for an exceptional finish to this amazing day.

 Experience the Dublin Open top bus tour.

 Enjoy the tour of the beautiful city, stroll hand in hand with your Valentines and bask in the

beauty of Dublin’s historic landmarks.

 Plan a weekend away in Ireland

 Have a traditional Guinness connoisseur experience.

 Have an afternoon tea.

 Go on a hot air balloon flight with your partner

 Absorb the Dublin culture, visit museums, and learn about the history and making of the famous Irish brew Guinness. Explore the beautiful Georgian Buildings in Dublin.

Once you are ravenous with hunger and craving for a delicious traditional Irish cuisine, head over to one the best pubs, the Temple Bar at Trinity Bar Venue, and treat your tummy. Attend the Irish dinner party while enjoying the perks of live music. Listen to your favorite classical Irish songs or the cover of modern songs by your favorite artists. What better way to spend the Valentine’s Day but in a bar with your favorite music around you, favorite food in front of you and your favorite person sitting across you.

Bring a little adventure to your day; whisk your partner for a bit of a dancing. The bar on this day will be exuding Romantic vibes which will be turned into a love nest on this day. Enjoy your day free of any worries, no need to worry about arranging a special specially guys when the whole night will already be planned out for you.

Even on Valentine’s Day, the Trinity Bar Venue never forgets its other customers. What makes this bar stand out among others is that it also hosts a singles’ night because not everyone is a fan of all this love and romance and many might not be lucky enough to have a valentine and might just want to hang out with their buddies. Games and competitions during the Valentines party will bring a touch of excitement for everyone.

So what are you waiting for? Mark your calendars and gear up to spend an extraordinary Valentines night out in Dublin.

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