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7 Irish Cuisines Everyone Must Try In Dublin

Best beef stew in city centre

Every country, state and city has their own traditions, lifestyles, and customs, but what people want to know most about another country is their food. And like every other country, Ireland has its traditional food as well. It would be a shame not to have a taste of these seven traditional Irish cuisines.

1. Black pudding:

Black pudding is a famous traditional breakfast menu in Ireland. It is a sausage that is a mixture of oatmeal, bread, fat, meat, and potato fillers. What makes it black and different from the white pudding is the addition of blood in it. It’s a pork sausage and an Irish cuisine known worldwide.

2. Guinness:

This does not exactly fall in the category of food, but it is one of the most famous Irish drinks, and being in Dublin and not drinking must be dictated as some kind of an illegal crime. A Blackcurrant flavored drink, Guinness is the perfect choice in bars of Dublin.

3. Ice Cream:

Yes, Ireland is famous for its ice-cream. There are two kinds of traditional Irish ice-cream to choose from. One is hard served ice cream with various flavors to choose from like Toasted Irish Oats and Dingle Sea Salt. The other one is the towering large cones that can be flaked and sauced with the flavors of your own choosing.

4. Irish stew:

Another Irish cuisine that is known all over the world for is bountiful taste. A traditional dish that is simple yet unique, Irish stew could either be of meat or lamb and strongly flavored with herbs. With multiple vegetables such as onion carrot celery and potatoes and served with homemade bread, Irish stew is healthy and appetizing.

5. Burgers:

Not just any burger, but the special Irish burger! Big, meaty and juicy. Trinity Bar Venue’s burger has been declared to be one of the ten top burgers that you must try in Ireland before you die! It truly would be a shame to die before tasting the heavenly sweet chili beef burger, BBQ beef burger and Cajun chicken burger. It’s a must-have food foe everyone living in Dublin or just visiting the place.

6. Irish Salmon and smoked salmon:

Salmon fresh and just out of water is another specialty of Ireland. Served along with white sauce and homemade bread, the smoked salmon is finger licking good. The best time to look out for this cuisine would be from April to June. This Irish food is worth travelling a distances for just a bite. Oak House smoked salmon served at Trinity Bar Venue is the best version of salmon.

7. Fish and Chips:

What better places to eat fish then the one near the river? Because Howth is located just few minutes outside of Dublin and they sure know how to serve it tasty and fresh. These tasty fish with a combination of chips makes it a combination worth getting everyone’s attention.

Do not look far and wide in Dublin to taste all these traditional Irish foods. With less time to waste, drive straight to Temple Bar and order these cuisines at Trinity Bar Venue, a sports bar in Ireland which will also give you a good view of the exciting games along with these exciting foods.

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