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Best Place to Watch the Super Bowl


Imagine yourself sitting in your living room alone and watching a game of super Bowl, shouting animatedly at the top of your lungs while chugging beer, does it sound entertaining? Definitely not! It doesn’t matter how good the game is. You’ll feel awfully stupid getting excited over something while being surrounded by your furniture. Why not make the super bowl as exciting for yourself as it is for all the people sitting at the front row watching the game? Ring up your buddies, wear your favorite shirt–with the logo of your favorite team–and head over to the Temple Bar to enjoy the game with a unique experience in Trinity Bar Venue, one of the best sports bars in Ireland.

Have the experience of sitting in the front row with the biggest ultra HD screen in Dublin. It doesn’t matter which part of the bar you are in; with 20 screens placed in various spots of the bar, you’ll be updated with the current score and won’t miss anything. There’s just something about enjoying a game surrounded by people who all want just one thing – their team to score. The super bowl brings out everyone’s competitive side. People favoring the opposite team all around you will give the idea of winning even more edge. With your favorite drink in hand and the best food in Dublin right in front of you, have the most outstanding experience of a game. Not for one night but available for every one of the Super bowl game.

Check the schedule and plan your next sports watching spree now. If you are not at the Super Bowl, then this is the next best place to be. Grab your friends, spread the word around, and have one of the best experiences of game watching. Even if your team doesn’t win, you’ll still go home with an experience that will be etched into your memory for years.

Experience the action as its happening right in front of your eyes. The HD experience will take you up close and personal with the game – shout, shriek, hoot, whatever you do, you won’t need to worry about your neighbors complaining. Order a burger while watching the game or gobble down on your fries. If you’re a lover of sea food, have the famous finger fish while watching the heart stopping game.

You won’t even have to get bored out of your mind during the half-time. Have friendly wagers with people around you and talk about the game, laugh out loud, have a break from everyday workplace stress, enjoy the commercials, and just have a good old time with your buddies. You might even make up some new friends. After all, the game spirit has the tendency to create some new and long-standing bonds. So what are you waiting for? Get your game shoes on! Plunge into the Super Bowl Mania and get ready to watch your next big game in Trinity Bar Venue. What do you say? Still think your living room is the right place for the game?

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