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Live Music Venue 7 Nights A Week

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“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”

― Bob Marley

There are few problems in life that music doesn’t help with. Sometimes, all you want is for the music to take over and make you forget all about your troubles. All the negative thoughts swirling inside your head, they all vanish in an instant with the music taking you into its embrace. Music has the power to make things good. When life is happening too fast and you want to put a pause to it, what better way to get your peace than to sit at a nice little bar and have the melodies of the music floating all around you? Every so often, music can even give us inspiration to do things that we always wanted to do but never had the courage.

Sometimes, the best form of entertainment is the most subtle one. Imagine yourself listening to music, eating the best food in town, with your favorite drink in your hand, and your buddies by your side. Trust me, life couldn’t get any better.

But maybe it could; how about you listen to live music while being surrounded by lively and infectious atmosphere where you can dance all your troubles away and forget about the world surrounding you?

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”  ― Friedrich Nietzche

If you want to experience some of the best live music in Dublin, pay a visit to the Trinity Bar Venue – you will surely be coming back for more. The hospitality and warmth of welcome will leave something to be desired. Located at the Temple Bar, this Sport bar in Dublin offers the best Irish food in all of Dublin.

Known for being one of the best bars in Dublin, Trinity knows how to give the best of both worlds. You might have heard of live music bars and you might have heard of sports bar, but rarely will you find both in one place. Food, live music, sports screening, unbeatable atmosphere, it all comes in one package.

Monday to Sunday, any day you step in, entertaining live music will be waiting for you. Trinity Bar Venue has Music for your soul 7 nights a week! Have your pick of songs and the kind of music you like, a variety of aspiring artist will be playing every other night. From Valentine’s Day to New Year show you can enjoy these special events at Dublin’s Trinity Bar Venue. The fusion of live music and mouthwatering food will make you yearn for this place.

Ireland has been a place of birth of many great musicians throughout history, the trend continued with young artists who are still scoring big in the music industry. The musicians here will be covering rock-folk songs from artists like Springsteen, to modern pop music from performers like Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran. It’s a perfect place to hang out for college students and adults alike. Trinity Venue bar is one of the coolest places to check out in Dublin, covering all sorts of entertainment – experience a night of pure joy in the solace of great music and great food.

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