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Here’s Why We Are the Coolest Sports Bar in Town

Trinity sports bar is in the heart of Dublin city centre

Trinity Bar Venue is more than just a nightlife destination in the entertainment district of Dublin. It’s the Premiere Sports Bar in Ireland that is widely regarded as one of the best in the world when it comes to sport, music, food, alcohol, and the crowd. As the GAA Monahan pub in Dublin, we are proud to host some of the biggest nightlife events and private parties for our guests. But what makes us stand apart from all the other nightlife venues is that we are widely regarded as the coolest sports bar in town. Why? Well, have a look at these few reasons and figure it out for yourself!


Let’s begin with the best of the bunch – live sports! At Trinity Bar Venue, you can catch all the live action from the world of football, rugby, tennis, and boxing in an immersive atmosphere. There’s a reason why we’re the Premiere Sports Bar in Dublin. With 20 dedicated screens and an ultra HD 150-inch screen, the only of its kind, we provide a dynamic live sport experience that comes second to none. While most sports bar may have a reputation of becoming a brawler’s corner when things get heated up, that’s not something that you’ll experience here with us.

Live Music & Bar

Dublin is known for its nightlife scene and what better way to drink the night away than with us? Our bar features a wide range of drinks from non alcoholic ones to beers, wines, champagnes, whisky, vodka, and who could forget the ever green, Guinness. While you’re at it, enjoy some live music from the biggest live acts in Dublin that entertain the guests all night long! Live bands, musicians, and DJs will make you want to stay here until the dawn.


If you are looking for a place to satisfy the inner foodie in you, then don’t look elsewhere. We serve all three meals throughout the day with choices in meat and vegetarian delicacies. What’s the crowd favourite you ask? Well, we serve the best steak and burgers in town, along with special of the day desserts that will tinkle your sweet taste buds. The Ireland Journal featured our burgers in the 10 Best Burgers You Have to Try Before You Die, which goes to show what you can expect from us!

Special Events

Trinity Bar Venue is the ultimate destination for events, private parties, and get-togethers with dedicated function space that can serve as few as 10 to as many as 200 guests. You can reserve our private area for no charge that features an exclusive bar, waitress service, choices in cuisine, and more.

If you have a group of fifteen to twenty people, then we’ll give the finger-food platters for free. Whether it’s a birthday party, after-work drinks, small weddings, charity events, or bachelorettes, we make sure we keep you entertained! If you’re looking for a cool nightlife destination in Dublin, then come to Trinity Bar Venue, the coolest sports bar in town.

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