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5 Reasons Why You Should Try Our Burgers

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Sometimes you get a craving for a big, juicy burger and at such times, nothing else will do. Oh and by ‘sometimes’, we mean ‘all the time’. So the next time you are salivating at the mere idea of a perfectly cooked burger with all your favourite toppings racked up nicely, head over to our HQ, at the Trinity Bar Venue, which is Dublin’s Premier Gastro Sports Bar!

If you love burgers but hate the idea of swallowing fillers, oily patties and a whole lot of preservatives with questionable meat, come right down to experience what real burgers truly are! Still need some convincing?

#1-Our sweet chilli beef burger made it to the list of top 10 burgers to try in Ireland before you die

That’s right, one of our most basic burgers made it to website in their top 10 list of burgers you should try in Ireland before you die! A large number of people in Ireland would agree to the fact that our burgers are downright delicious. The column which covered our burger on the website also interviewed a customer who said, “The best burger I’ve had is in Trinity Bar. Although it is bit of a tourist attraction, the basic burger is nothing but perfection!”

#2-We have 20 150-inch Ultra HD screens that make eating with us more entertaining

Most people would agree to the fact that when they come down to a burger joint that actually sells good burgers but is overcrowded, dully lit and smelly, they would rather take their order home. That’s not what happens with us. Right from the time you step in and till the time you leave, you can enjoy live sports entertainment on the 20 150-inch ultra HD screens installed all around the place. What could be better than taking a bite of a thick juicy burger while watching your favourite team score some sweet points?

#3-Our burger patties are not deep-fried

If you hate nothing more than the sight of burger patties swimming around in oil, you should definitely come down to see how we do it. All our burger patties are flame-broiled. Oh, and they are also handcrafted, not churned out by a machine. If you consider yourself a self-professed carnivore, come right down to the Trinity Bar Venue and eat without the feeling that you just gulped down a load of oil.

#4-Steering away from calorie-rich dressings?

We understand that there are people who actually like burgers but hate all the mayo dropping out from the sides, and if you are that person too, the Trinity Bar Venue is the place to be. If you are not really a fan of calorie-rich dressings, just let us know. We will be more than happy to season your burger so that it doesn’t have anything you don’t like.

#5-All our burgers are served with a hearty helping of fries

What are burgers without any fries on the side, right? This is why we make sure that all our burgers make it to your stomach with a hearty helping of fries. They are cooked to crispy perfection and taste even better with ketchup and all the crazy sauces we have in store for you!

Do you like to be adventurous with your food? Don’t forget to come down and try out the daily specials that are filled with crazy-delicious selections. Click here to check out our menu and choose your burger for today!

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