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How to Make the Most of Dublin’s Nightlife on Weekdays


Dublin is known to have one of the most exciting nightlife is Europe. In particular, the pub-to-person
ratio is envy worthy for a number of neighboring cities. Although the legal drinking age here is 18, a few places so ask for IDs. Under 18s are still allowed into bars before 8pm and only if they are accompanied by adults.

There are also clubs that don’t really welcome people who are too casually dressed, so make an effort at getting dressed up if you really plan to enjoy the weekday nightlife here. While some clubs and bars are open until about 11pm, there are also late bars that you can jump into, to party until 2:30. However, for tourists who are residing in hotels, the best place to party as late as you want on a weekday is the residential bar.

Live Music Venues

There is a diverse variety of bars for people who love their daily dose of live music. You can get to enjoy traditional Irish music or look around for a rock band performing on a weekday night somewhere. At Trinity Bar Venue, we hold live music nights throughout the week and this makes us a popular spot to have fun among all the tourists coming here from different parts of the world.

The Clubs

The best part about Dublin is that you can find just the right club regardless of your taste in music, sexual preferences and nightlife habits. While most clubs have an additional cover charge (only on the weekends), you will find something you like, from the wide variety of options, to enjoy a weekday out.

Late Bars

They are not quite like pubs or clubs, but serve as much purpose as nightclubs, as they have a license to stay open late and also have dance floors for visitors. The late bars don’t typically charge you extra fee and generally draw an older crowd.


Come Right Down To Trinity Bar Venue If you are looking for the best nightlife experience in Dublin on a weekday, come to the Trinity Bar Venue – the most renowned sports bar here. At Trinity Bar Venue, we are proud owners of the largest ultra HD screen and 20 other HD screens that are strategically located around the bar and constantly broadcasting different sports events.

We also have live music nights and the best part, as mentioned above, is that we host them every day of the week. Whether you are looking for some indie music, rock or practically anything else, chances are that you will find precisely what you need to make a weekday night special, on our schedule.

We also have some of the most sought after burgers and steaks on our menu along with a wide assortment of cocktails ready to play around with your taste buds. Simply put, at Trinity Bar Venue, the party never stops! Not even on the weekdays – making us the ideal choice for your next night out in the middle of the week in Dublin! Book your table today.

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